8 Best Essential Oils for Protection from Negative Emotions

Best Essential Oils for Protection from Negative Emotions


Don't be surprised if you start to feel sad or even depressed as a result of bad ideas sprouting within your head. Conflicts with people, anxiety, depression, boredom, and lethargy are all proven methods to induce a depressive state of mind. Instead of being happy and fulfilled, many individuals become victims of their feelings. Keeping a positive outlook can help rekindle hope and pave the way for emotional recovery. A natural approach to wellness can provide you with the practical self-help tools you require while avoiding harmful side effects and health hazards. Pure essential oils with their therapeutic properties can be a powerful addition to help you protect from those negative emotions. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to cover the best essential oils for the protection of your mental health that help you experience serenity. Read on to discover how these oils may help you overcome your negative feelings, as well as how to include these best essential oils for negative emotions into your everyday routine. As, when we are joyful with a calm mind, life becomes meaningful.

How do Essential Oils Work in Protecting You from Negative Emotions?

How do Essential Oils Work in Protecting You from Negative Emotions?

Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids extracted from the plant, through steam distillation or cold pressing methods. They have been used for hundreds of years to keep us smelling fresh. However, there are many ways that pure essential oils can be put to use in your daily life beyond just personal hygiene from relaxation techniques to help improve our overall health.

Through inhalation or topical application of scent compounds, essential oils have been known to influence the human body and brain by way of olfactory (smell) receptors located in the nose. The limbic system, in the brain that regulates our emotions, including our stress levels and motivational drive can be stimulated by the sense of smell. The neurotransmitter serotonin can ultimately enhance a person's mood while reducing negative feelings bombarded in our heads. For instance, lavender essential oil is one of the best essential oils for clearing bad energy due to its antidepressant and anti-bacterial qualities. When nerve cells are stimulated, the individual mind becomes calmer, more focused, and happier.

Best Essential Oils for Protection from Negative Feelings

Best Essential Oils for Protection from Negative Feelings

Bad energy can emerge in many different forms. You may be saying or thinking things that don't necessarily resonate with who you are as a person. Having the know-how on how to block this bad energy can help you tremendously as essential oils can help soothe and calm your mind and body. By utilizing these essential oils, not only do they provide an aromatic experience but the vapor is also meant to help inspire peacefulness which is crucial for releasing troubling thoughts that might be lingering in your mind.

Let us look at some best essential oils for protection against negative energy that can help you boost your sensory network, making you more positive and grounded.

  • Helichrysum Essential Oil: Helichrysum Oil, made from bright yellow blooms of the Helichrysum plant, has a refreshing and pleasant aroma. This oil will help you feel peaceful and relaxed while also aiding in mental rehabilitation. Helichrysum may be used to assist reduce physical or emotional tension, as well as boost one's alertness and creativity. It can also help you awaken spiritual consciousness, helping you to let go of the past, restore mental and physical balance, and inspire introspection, among other things. It's one of the best essential oils for spiritual cleansing.
  • Frankincense Essential Oil: Frankincense oil, extracted from the resin of the Boswellia Frereana tree, is one of the best essential oils for negative emotional cleansing. With its woody and spicy aroma, it is used for centuries as a ritual to heighten sensations of spirituality, intuition, and devotion. Frankincense behaves as both an antidepressant and anxiety controller when diffused to bring inner calm and self-assuredness. Spritz it on anytime you're feeling particularly down or out-of-sorts and need an extra bit of solace.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil: Peppermint oil can provide a much-needed boost to the senses when one is feeling tired or exhausted. The cool, refreshing, and energizing scent of peppermint is great for boosting energy levels and mental focus. When applied topically, it provides support to circulation in addition to helping with aches or soreness. Its minty aroma can be invigorating when diffused or inhaled through aromatherapy. With its menthol richness and antibacterial properties, It's one of the best essential oils for clearing negative energy and improving mental clarity.
  • Grapefruit Essential Oil: Grapefruit Oil is extracted from the peels of Grapefruit with the citrusy fragrance used as an instant mood-lifter or to help perk up one's mental strength and good energy. This bright and uplifting oil can act as an instant mood enhancer while arousing one’s mental strength, drive, and motivations. Rich in odoriferous compounds including Limonene, Geraniol, and Linalool, makes it one of the versatile essential oils for good energy as these compounds suppress the negative feelings and tendencies like idleness.
  • Patchouli Essential Oil: Patchouli Oil is made from the leaves of the patchouli plant, and sesquiterpenes are abundant in their warm, earthy-sweet smell. It has long been utilized in traditional therapeutic ways to increase feelings of fulfillment and hence generate a happy mood. It comes in two main varieties: light and dark Patchouli oil. Both have a strong perfume that may be changed by blending it with lighter or sweeter oils. It is well-known for its stimulating properties, and it's regularly included in herbal blends designed to alleviate melancholic sensations like loneliness and isolation. If you are not feeling yourself, try this essential oil for positive energy.
  • Lavender Essential Oil: Lavender is one of the most versatile essential oils. Its healing properties are numerous and diverse. Anti-depressant, anti-bacterial, and antioxidants make it one of the best natural remedies for treating almost all forms of negative emotion and mild depression. One can also get an advantage from lavender oil to help them sleep soundly too! By cleansing ourselves from negative energy it gives us more leeway to focus on doing things we love or being with people we care about. Making it one of the best essential oils for negative emotions cleansing.
  • Neroli Essential Oil: When it comes to therapeutic aromatherapy and citrus oils, no other essential oil provides such a crisp and penetrating aroma as Neroli. It's also incredibly beneficial for helping to ease negative responses after tragic events. Its woody, floral fragrance is also very aromatic and can make people feel more relaxed, especially just before sleep when their nightly routines may otherwise not be at their best due to the pressures of everyday life. So, if you are dealing with any emotional pain or something from the past that is bothering you, give this essential oil for spiritual protection a try before sleeping.
  • Lemon Essential Oil: Lemon oil is a must-have for many natural home remedies designed to effectively treat health concerns. It’s also been proven to naturally improve alertness and mood, promoting both concentration and productivity. This invigorating oil often acts as an effective stress reliever that helps you fight off feelings of anxiety putting your mind at ease. It simultaneously works to improve the way you feel about yourself, by helping banish negative thoughts so you can make better decisions throughout your day. Efficiently calm both physical and mental stressors with lemon essential oil for positive energy.

Along with this, there is Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Vetiver Oil, and Chamomile Essential Oil, which have been proven to be the best essential oils for protection from bad thoughts and mood spoilers. Trying these amazing and best essential oils for negative emotions and healing can be a great way for introducing self-love towards a healthy and cheerful mind.

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Different Diffuser Blends Using Essential Oils for Protection Against Negative Energy

Different Diffuser Blends Using Essential Oils for Protection Against Negative Energy

Here we will teach you a few diffuser blend recipes that are meant to aid in the alignment of one's thoughts toward a meaningful and serene life. These essential oils were chosen for their capacity to boost our cognitive capabilities and help us focus on things that promote positivity, bringing an end to the cycle of negative thoughts. 

Recipe 1: Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, and Basil Oil

With its fresh, herbaceous scent, Basil Oil helps to alleviate unpleasant sensations caused by alienation, homesickness, or isolation. This blend of oils may be especially beneficial if you're having problems accepting yourself or dealing with self-doubt since it aids with emotional stability and balance. This essential oil mixture is grounding and can help you feel more cheerful and clear-headed. 


  • 3 drops of Lavender Essential Oil.
  • 3 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil.
  • 3 drops of Lemon Essential Oil.
  • 1 drop of Basil Essential Oil.


  • After combining the essential oils with some water and diffusing them across the room with the help of an aromatherapy diffuser. The aroma which gets diffused will help bring calmness to the mind.
  • You can also place a few drops of the mix on a handkerchief or cotton ball and inhale deeply to safeguard your good and positive energy.

Recipe 2: Neroli, Rose Geranium, and Grapefruit Essential Oil

Rose Geranium Essential Oil extracted from the leaves and stalks of Rose Geranium has a pleasant aroma that will instantly lift your spirits and create sentiments of joy, optimism, and courage. By imitating the negativity that surrounds the mind, these oil mixes are ideal for encouraging relaxation and happiness. When loading up your kit with the best essential oils for the protection of your overall mental health, don't forget to include this recipe.



  • You may build a cheerful and supportive atmosphere by spreading these essential oils into the air of a room using an aromatherapy diffuser.
  • You may also prepare a diluted essential oil to spray with the mixture to imbue an area with an uplifting and stimulating smell.
  • Use this mix, to get a feeling of gratitude and serenity, by using the best essential oils for negative emotions cleansing.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Using Essential Oils for Spiritual Cleansing and Good Energy

Things to Keep in Mind Before Using Essential Oils for Spiritual Cleansing and Good Energy
  1. Essential oils should not be taken orally. Always use these concentrated solutions for exterior applications.
  2. Keep essential oils out of reach of children and stored separately from other objects. Because certain essential oils are hazardous to pets, do your research before using them.
  3. Essential oil reactions in pregnant and lactating women mothers are unknown. As a result, they shouldn't utilize them.
  4. Will purchasing essential oils for good energy, skin, or any other usage, ensure that they are certified by USDA. As these oils are in their original and best form. They are extracted with steam distillation or cold-pressing methods.
  5. A patch test is suggested before using any pure essential oil. This may be accomplished by combining 1 drop of essential oil with 3 drops of pure carrier oil and putting the quantity of the mixture in a small region of non-sensitive skin.

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It is essential to live a life full of good and cheerful energy. A key to a happy life, according to all of history's great philosophers, is a life filled with happiness and positive energy. As a result, it is vital to treat oneself with natural treatments that can aid in mental healing. We recommend giving these therapeutic best essential oils for negative emotion cleansing a try. You can pamper yourself with self-love using these best essential oils for the protection of your mental wellbeing with no harmful side effects, and try and avail yourself of its incredible results.


Q1. Can Essential Oils Really Help me Enrich my Feelings When I'm Sad or Depressed?

Yes, they may be excellent role-players for stirring one's sentiments because of their therapeutic characteristics. Try them out and see what suits your requirements and preferences the best. To avoid allergies, you can undergo a patch test before using them.

Q2. From Where Should I Decide to Buy Essential Oils for Protection Against Negative Energy?

If you want to invest in some of the best essential oils for negative emotions and hardship when dealing with your mental health, then you might want to try out a trusted supplier like Moksha Lifestyle. They pride themselves on having only pure and organic essential oils, which are ideal and effective for all the customer needs. From Bergamot to Blood Orange Oil, they have it all - so shop now.

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