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Moksha Lifestyle is one of the world’s exclusive manufacturers of the best organic absolute oils and other organic ingredients. Headquartered in India and USA, we have production units located in India and offer worldwide delivery from our central warehouses in India. We offer the best absolute oils at reasonable prices. All our organic absolute oils are tested for their quality and purity in our in-house lab using the latest technology and equipment. Moksha is proud to be amongst the first few companies to start Absolute oil delivery worldwide to countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, to all customers using our large network of shippers and warehouses.

What are Absolute Oils?

Absolutes are concentrated extracts obtained from different parts of the plant. They are extracted using Solvent extraction and are preferred in cases where the plant material is heat sensitive. Absolutes are more expensive to extract as the process involves higher energy consumption and solvent use as well. Organic Absolute Oils have a scent that is closer to the raw material and hence preferred for use in the high-end perfumery industry. Pure absolute oils for skin are more concentrated than essential oils. Absolutes are also expensive to produce since the plant raw material used for extraction gives a relatively small quantity of oil. For example, it can take up to 2000 lbs of flower petals to make 1 Liter of an Absolute.

Moksha’s wholesale absolute oils are extracted using food-grade N-Hexane instead of Ethanol, which results in higher production yield and more fluid “oil-like” absolutes. N-hexane does not extract waxes and concretes during the extraction process and this makes Moksha’s pure absolutes ideal for use in skincare and commercial applications.

Buy Floral Absolute Oils Online

A genuine absolute oil must be as pure and unadulterated as possible. It is important that all pure natural absolute oils are tested under GCMS to check for any adulterants or fragrance additives.

Moksha’s list of Absolute Oils are most coveted for use in aromatherapy and high-end perfumery for fragrances. Absolutes are also used as mood enhancers since they can help reduce anxiety and stress, stimulate senses, tone skin, and muscles. Since extraction is done using food-grade n-hexane with almost no residual solvent, our absolutes retain their therapeutic value, aroma, and color. Some examples of pure absolute oils are Rose, Blue Lotus, Frangipani, Jasmine, and Vanilla absolute.

What are Absolute Oils Used For?

  • Perfumery: Genuine Absolute Oils have a unique, exotic, and fresh fragrance which is highly preferred for use in high-end perfumery. These are also often used to make room sprays, natural body sprays, or deodorants, amongst other uses. Some examples of absolutes that are commonly used in perfumery are Jasmine Absolute, Oakmoss Absolute, Violet Leaf Absolute, and Amber Absolute. They add a unique middle note to the perfumery formulations. 
  • Soaps: Besides adding an exotic aroma to soaps, there are many benefits of absolute oils such as moisturizing the skin, improvement in blood flow, reduction in wrinkles, etc. They also add therapeutic benefits to soaps such as calming effect, energizing, etc. They can be used to add a soothing aroma to the cold process as well as melt and pour soaps.
  • Candles: Certified organic absolute oils add a pleasing and exotic scent to candles and thus are quite preferred for use in luxury candles. Some examples of absolutes that are popular for use in candles are Pink Lotus Absolute, Frangipani Absolute, and Amber Absolute.
  • Skin Care Products: Some of the best absolute oils have natural skin regenerative properties and therefore are often added to skincare products. There are also different benefits of Absolute Oils such as skin tightening, pigmentation reduction, wrinkle reduction, etc. You can find the use of floral absolutes in various skincare products ranging from face masks, body lotions, anti-wrinkle creams, etc. Some absolute oils for great skin include rose absolute, frangipani absolute, and lotus absolute.
  • Hair Care Products: Pure Absolute oils are rich in nourishing minerals and vitamins which makes them suitable for hair care products like Hair Oil, Hair Mask, Natural Shampoos, and Conditioners. They also incur moisturizing and anti-aging effects on the hair.
  • Bath Products: Absolutes instill a calming experience in spa products and are hence used in various bath and body products such as body washes, face wash, etc. You may also add a few drops of your favorite floral absolute to your bath water along with some fresh herbs or botanicals to create a luxurious calming spa experience at home.
  • Aromatherapy Massage: Absolutes are known to have a rejuvenating and smoothening effect on the skin. Hence they are a wonderful addition to your massage oils. Further, they can also help in relieving body aches and pain, through their anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Aromatherapy: Organic Absolutes can likewise be added to diffusers and reed diffusers as they have unwinding and profoundly elevating sweet-smelling characteristics which are great for diminishing cynicism, tension, and stress. They additionally empower inward harmony and quietness when breathed in and are known to have further mindset abilities.

Bulk Absolute Oils at Wholesale Prices

  • Wholesale Prices: Moksha offers excellent unadulterated and the best quality organic absolute oils online at the best prices. Moksha is one of the best absolute oils suppliers and offers one of the widest lists of absolute oils in bulk at the lowest prices in the world. You can now use our online store to buy absolute oils in bulk quantities at the cheapest prices worldwide with quick and efficient delivery in countries like Canada, UAE, Australia, Oman, France, etc with complete confidence. These are the best absolute oils for sale anywhere!
  • Wide Variety: We offer one of the widest varieties of organic absolute oils for skin care as well as perfumery, with each having its own benefits which can be used for a large range of uses. These can be used in skincare products, hair care products, soaps, candles, etc.
  • No Artificial Fragrance: Our entire list of absolute oils is 100% pure and natural. They are free from any artificial fragrances and synthetic chemicals. They are ethically sourced and manufactured to ensure their natural properties are maintained. They are also properly tested to ensure the stability of effectiveness over their shelf life of 2 years.
  • Lab Tested: Moksha is extremely proud of its in-house laboratory with the latest testing equipments. Each batch is analyzed by our experienced chemists to ensure purity. CoAs and MSDS as per the latest industry and regulatory standards are available upon request. We can also provide GCMS reports along with Allergen and IFRA certificates for all products to assist with your regulatory compliance.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Moksha follows the highest packaging standards to ensure complete peace of mind during international shipping. We also follow eco-friendly guidelines aimed at minimizing plastic use, following our motto of keeping things natural.
  • Easy Payment Structure: You can easily buy absolute oils online using our SSL secured safe website which uses PayPal, one of the world’s safest payment gateways.
  • Worldwide Delivery: You can use our website to buy absolute oils online from any country and we guarantee delivery within 8-10 days. We only employ trusted shipping partners such as FedEx and UPS and ship using Priority Service to ensure safety during transit.

Order Exotic and Potent Absolute Oils from Asia’s Biggest Manufacturer

Moksha Lifestyle produces one of the largest range of the best absolute oils in the world. Our list of absolute oils is used in Beauty, Health, and Wellness industry. Our best organic absolute oils are often used for their therapeutic benefits and are found in high-end perfumery. We provide the highest quality oils and absolutes at wholesale rates and ensure that all products are free from any artificial fragrance additives or chemicals. Our products are available in a large variety of pack sizes ranging from 1 Oz or 30ml to 50 gallons or 180-liter drums.


Q1. Where to Buy The Best Quality Absolutes Online?

There are many companies in the market selling absolute oils for sale online. It is important to check the seller’s certifications to ensure that the oil is pure and free from adulteration. You should always ask for test reports like GCMS to ensure good quality absolute oils.

Q2. What is Rose Absolute Oil Good For?

Rose Absolute essential oils are indeed one of the most widely used and luxurious absolutes which are often used in high-end cosmetics. It is known for its anti-stress, anti-anxiety, and calming properties. It is also regarded as an excellent absolute oil for skin regeneration and tissue repair. It is widely used in a variety of products like soaps, candles, cosmetics, aromatherapy diffusers, etc.

Q3. What is Jasmine Absolute Oil Good For?

Jasmine absolute essential oil such as Jasmine Grandiflora absolute or Jasmine Sambac absolute are regarded as some of the best absolute oils by the cosmetics and aromatherapy industries. They have potent mood-boosting, aphrodisiac, and energizing properties. Jasmine absolute is used widely in soaps, cosmetics, aromatherapy products as well as candles.

Q4. Why are Floral Absolutes Expensive?

Since floral absolutes are extracted using solvents which is a comparatively difficult way to extract oils, the process is quite energy-consuming. Hence the cost of production of these absolutes such as oakmoss absolute oils, amber absolute oils, lilac absolute oils, blue lotus absolute oils, mimosa absolute oils, and others is quite high causing the product prices to be higher.

Q5. Which are The Most Popular Floral Absolutes?

Moksha Lifestyle offers a wide variety of exotic absolutes. Some of the most popular floral absolute oils are white lotus absolute oil, frangipani absolute oil, vanilla absolute oil, blue lotus absolute oil, violet leaf lotus absolute oil, and mimosa absolute oil.

We have a wide range of wholesale absolute oils each having its own beneficial properties.

Q6. Where to Buy Floral Absolutes?

Moksha Lifestyle offers premier absolute oil and is a manufacturer and supplier of pure absolute oils. With our Quality certifications and hundreds of Reviews, we offer a safe and secure means to buy wholesale absolute oils or organic absolute oils in bulk with proper documentation.

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