Revitalize Your Nails: The Power Of Garlic Oil


Self-care and the desire for beautiful nails are goals most women strive to achieve throughout their lives. And oh, we have all been here: Brittle nails, nails that break easily, faded yellow nails that do not budge no matter how hard we try. Meet garlic oil, the natural product that is set to transform your nail care routines. Yes, it may appear quite unexpected as to who the hero of this story is, garlic oil, but it is assured that it comes with a bag of tricks and a whole lot of benefits that can turn your nails into their best self, from floppy to fantastic. While brittle nails are only a cosmetic concern in many cases, they can indicate other medical conditions or lack of specific nutrients. One of the significant reasons for frail and brittle nails is that there are fewer moisturizers, which may cause dryness, cracking, and breaking of the nails. This is in most cases complicated by heightened contact with rough washing powders, solvents, alkalis, or detergents besides exposure to high or low temperatures. Other underlying nutrients include biotin, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids, which if deficient, can lead to the forming of weak and brittle nails.

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Hormonal causes may include ovarian cysts, polycystic ovary syndrome, or thyroid problems, while medications may be a cause in cases of birth control pill usage or following pregnancy. A small piece of garlic is a familiar object to many people as a spice that is found in the majority of kitchens today for its strong smell and taste. For as much as it can help ensure that brittle nails become stronger, and adequate time for growing healthy nails as well as giving them a glowing look, garlic oil is the outstanding wonder your nails have been looking for. While one cannot easily link garlic to nails, its relation is real and has entangled both concepts in the mystery of life. Allicin is an active compound in garlic used in fighting microorganisms and fungal activities and plays a huge role in the health status of our nails. Among the common diseases that affect nails, onychomycosis is a fungal infection that can result in brittle, discolored, and weakened nails.

Benefits of garlic oil for nails

1. Promotes nail growth

Garlic oil contains many antioxidants and sulfur compounds, it is effective in improving the growth of nails since it increases circulation in the nail region. As you may know, blood flow can directly carry oxygen and nutrients to the area, which is the fuel for the growth of strong nails. That is why nail clinics recommend using garlic oil as it promotes nail growth and promotes the growth of nails by up to 20% within 2-3 weeks! If you are masking through slow-growing nails or flaky, getting nails, garlic oil is the all-natural remedy you have been seeking. Just use garlic oil and massage a few drops of it on the nail beds daily, and the results will have your nails growing to lengths you have never seen before.

2. Strengthen nails

Among the most painful and dispiriting things that any person has to go through is the process of having easily- chipped or split nails or nails that are incredibly weak and thin. However, it is also not just a simple cosmetic problem, healthy nails can signify diverse health issues, and common tasks like typing or washing dishes and so on become unbearable. Well, it can do something similar to that. The effects of sulphur compounds found in garlic oil especially allicin on nails; information that points towards the garlic compounds’ enhancement of nail growth, leading to an overformation of stronger nail cells and an overall hardening of the nail plate. 

3. Prevents fungal infections

Here are some of the best benefits of taking garlic oil in battling fungal infections that are detrimental to your nails. Conditions such as onychomycosis avail fungal invasion which makes the nails change their color, and become thick and brittle which is undesirable and uncomfortable. Studying the effects of these oils, but more particularly garlic oil, it was found that the active compound, Allicin, has fungicidal properties on the kinds of fungi, which include Candida and Aspergillus which are causative agents of any type of nail infections. Since it has been figured out how to utilize garlic oil to fight against the fungi that trigger the mutations, applying this oil on the nails minimizes their occupation and encourages their healthy growth. 

4. Improves appearance


Nothing like a clean and strong nail to tell a lot about one’s health status or his or her hygiene. Nails that are thin, tender, and discolored may hint at severe health disorders, yet garlic oil can be used to dispel those nail issues. Its health benefits such as being an antioxidant as well as an antifungal make it perfect to be used on nails to give them the much-needed boost in terms of health and shininess. The enhanced blood circulation, as well as growing stronger and healthier nails, are the benefits you should look forward to and gain longer nails that are less likely to split or break. 

5. Reduces inflammation

Taking into consideration the fact that nails may become inflamed, it is clear that it is associated with a range of issues, such as tenderness, discomfort, and discoloration. As any user of garlic oil knows, it contains antioxidants as well as compounds such as allicin that offer strong anti-inflammation, which helps to cure inflammation under the nail. This means if ever you’re experiencing a cracked nail, a fungus, or just sensitivity of your nails to most products, garlic oil is what you need as it can reduce inflammation and foster a good nail environment.

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1) How to use garlic oil on nails? 

One of the most applied techniques involves diluting a few drops of garlic oil with another oil such as coconut or olive oil, and then applying the resulting mixture to the nails and cuticles. Allow the oil to work its magic on your skin for at least half an hour to an hour then rinse off the oil using warm water and soap.

2) Can garlic oil be used with nail polish?

The easy way is to add a few drops of garlic oil to your nail polish remover to strengthen your nails while erasing the previous polish. It also comes in handy as nail polish thinner, to dissolve the gloopy or thickened polish; for this use, garlic oil can be used.


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