Nurturing Your Skin: Safe Essential Oils For Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are very much in trend these days. We lately discovered that bath bombs can take your bathing experience to the next level and can probably make it worth enjoying. They are the hype that everyone is enjoying these days. Essential Oils are added to bath bombs to enhance your experience and make the most out of it. But, do you know that using pure essential oils for bath bombs can be an added advantage for you?

The sizzle and fizzle of bath bombs are truly magical and give luxurious vibes. You cannot go wrong with bath bombs being used in your daily routine to amp up your experience. Talking about bath bombs, it is essential to know that you can make bath bombs at your home using the best essential oils for bath bombs.

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Essential oils are an ideal choice for anyone who enjoys aromatherapy benefits combined with skin and general advantages. They are pure plant extracts that when combined in bath bombs produce refreshing and invigorating aromas. The fragrance is certainly one of the best points why people prefer bath bombs to elevate their adventure. Essential oils have the potential to soothe irritated skin, calm itchiness and nourish your skin deeply. Not only this, but essential oils also have a lot of health benefits along with reducing stress, anxiety, and feeling of restlessness. So, now you know the benefits of including essential oils in your bath bombs. If you are keen to know more about skin-safe essential oils for bath bombs then stay tuned. Today, our hot topic is the best essential oils for bath bombs. Apart from the best one, we will also share a recipe for bath bombs with essential oils. So, let's not wait anymore and jump directly onto the best essential oils for bath bombs.

Best Essential Oils For Bath Bombs

1. Chamomile Essential Oil

Your search for the safest essential oils for bath bombs ends here. Chamomile essential oil is a perfect choice for people looking for a soothing scent that doesn't go overboard with their preferences. Chamomile oil for bath bombs has some outstanding benefits for your skin. It helps reduce acne and pimples over time. Not only this, but the potent essential oil also works to reduce irritation and dry skin thereby improving your skin. Also, how can we forget that chamomile essential oil is one of the best essential oils for grounding? So, once you start using chamomile essential oil for bath bombs, it will ultimately benefit you in the long run. Also, chamomile essential oil prevents eczema, acne, flare-ups, and irritation.  

2. Frankincense Essential Oil For Bath Bombs 

One of the safest essential oils for bath bombs is frankincense essential oil. Frankincense oil has a very warm, woody, and musky scent that lingers on your body and gives a fresh feeling. When added to bath bombs, frankincense essential oil nails the formulation by nurturing dry skin and reducing irritation. Studies have also revealed that frankincense essential oil helps in alleviating arthritis and joint pain to a great extent.

3. Lemongrass Essential Oil 

Coming from tropical areas, lemongrass smells just like lemon with a hint of grassy scent. This energizing scent is an excellent option for those looking to freshen up their body care routine. It is great to know that lemongrass oil is one of the skin-safe essential oils for bath bombs so, you can be assured about its benefits for your skin. Lemongrass oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that restrict the chances of skin irritation in your skin. Apart from all the good that lemongrass does for your skin, it also reduces stress and signs of depression. It has remarkable health benefits and therefore including it in your bath bombs is always a great idea.

4. Rose Essential Oil 

Floral lovers cannot miss the goodness of roses for their skin. Floral scents are always a great choice when it comes to body care routine. So, one of the best essential oils for bath bombs is rose essential oil. Rose oil smells distinctly of roses and has a very soothing effect on your skin and mind. It relieves skin disorders and upgrades your body care routine by entangling in the making of the best bath bombs. Rose essential oil can be combined with other scents to make a perfect bath bomb so that you can relish it forever. Bath bombs are very effective when it comes to relaxing your mind and releasing stress and tension. Thanks to rose essential oil for bath bombs which reduces anxiety and lowers the pain during menstrual cramps.

5. Tea Tree Essential Oil

How can we forget the OG tea tree essential oil for bath bombs? The generations have been using tea tree essential oil for a very long time to calm skin conditions like acne, pimples, rashes, redness, skin irritation, inflammation, dandruff, and more. Using skin-safe essential oils for bath bombs like tea tree oil diminishes skin conditions like dryness and itchiness. Apart from benefitting your skin in multiple ways, tea tree essential oil also performs like a winner in managing your health conditions and reducing strain, muscle tension, cramps, and joint pain. So, if you are thinking to use tea tree essential oil for bath bombs then this is your sign. Go get your essential oils good for bath bombs now from Moksha Lifestyle International.

6. Lavender Essential Oil 

There is no chance that we don't include lavender essential oil in this list. Lavender essential oil sumps up as one of the best essential oils for bath bombs! The anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties of lavender essential oil work effectively as other oils to relieve stress from your mind and to pull off all the anxiety that might be coming through. It also helps you get a good sleep at night without any restlessness. So, now you know which bath bomb to opt for next time you are in the shower and need a peaceful sleep afterward.

Where To Buy Essential Oils For Bath Bombs?


Worrying about a genuine place to buy essential oils for bath bombs? Well, Moksha Lifestyle International has got you covered dear readers. You can check out pure and high-quality essential oils at amazing prices at Moksha Lifestyle International. We have the safest essential oils for bath bombs that works just like any other readymade bath bomb.

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Also, if you are wondering about the recipe for bath bombs with essential oil then simply add a few drops of essential oil to your bath bomb. You can choose any from flora to woody to grassy or strong scents as per your liking. However, make sure you pour only 3-5 drops of essential oil per bath bomb.


Your search for essential oils good for bath bombs ends here. We have listed some of the most versatile and popular essential oils for bath bombs. We hope you enjoyed the process and, if you did, let us know what are your requirements next.

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