Basil Essential Oil: A Treasure Trove Of Uses


Let's go back in time when the glory of natural remedies was much more than synthetic products. It was that time when herbal plants like Tulsi made their aura in the beauty as well as the health industry. Are you wondering about the uses of Tulsi or in simple terms known as holy Basil? You might have heard of your grandma talking about the benefits of Tulsi especially in the winter season. The same Tulsi is known as holy Basil and is very famous because of its remarkable health skin and hair benefits. It is a popular choice in the beauty industry as well as the health Care industry. Today we majorly talk about the uses of holy basil Essential oil in your daily routine. The uses of basil Essential oil are so much more than you know. It is an effective cure for treating skin conditions, and health problems and in aroma therapy practices.

The health advantages and uses of basil Essential oil include its power to reduce inflammation, alleviate nausea reduce motion sickness tackle indigestion, and various other problems. Not only this but the holy Basil Essential oil is rich in antibacterial properties which helps to cure bacterial infections in your body as well as skin. To be precise the seeds and leaves of the holy Basil plant hold utmost importance. Not only are they recognized as medicinal herbs but are regularly employed in cuisines and other medicinal practices. In the Mediterranean region southeast Asia Europe and Central Asia Basil oil is popularly utilised for culinary purposes. It is majorly used in Italian recipes along with pesto pasta salads and sauces.

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Are you drooling over the culinary benefits of basil Essential oil? Well, the list doesn't end here because Essential Oil also has various health benefits and uses. So today we will discuss all of them.

Uses of Basil Essential Oil

1. Improves digestive system

If your digestive system is not on track and you want to support it to the full list then nothing better than Basil Essential oil. Basil oil has been used for centuries as a traditional medicine because of its carminative properties. The holy Basil Essential oil helps to enhance the digestion process and also reduces flatulence. It is believed that ingesting holy Basil Essential oil in diluted form helps to cure constipation gas acidity and bloating to a great extent it also reduces the pain associated with digestive issues.

2. Basil oil for cold

If you suffering from a cold cough or any other allergic reactions in your body specifically in the winter season then Basil oil is the one for you. The use of basil oil helps to tackle influenza, colds, coughs, fever, and other issues. It tackles the symptoms of whopping cough and has strong anti-spasmodic properties that inhibit further diseases including cold and cough.

3. Basil oil has antibacterial properties

It is important to understand that basin oil uses are beneficial for your health in the long run. Basil oil possesses antibacterial properties and offers strong and de microbial protection to tackle infections in your body the rich anti-virus antifungal properties of basil Essential oil have been known to be effective against powerful bacteriors including Vitamin E Another study has revealed that Basil Essential oil is also helpful in washing off the bacteria in food, especially in fruits.

4. Basil oil as an insect repellent

The best part about using Basil Essential oil is its effectiveness in working as a potential insect repellent. Basil Essential oil used for kids is best when you roll on a handful of it on their body as it ditches insects fleas and bugs. But make sure to dilute it with carrier oil as it is very strong and volatile and might lead to irritation for delicate skin people. Combining basil oil with water in a spray bottle works well to repel bugs and insects.

5. Basil oil for stress

It is finally the time to lift your mood and bid farewell to stress, anxiety, depression, and feelings of restlessness. The time has arrived when you use Basil Essential oil to tackle the signs of stress and melancholy. The uses of basil oil include its ability to reduce stress and uplift your mood for a better day ahead.

6. Basil oil for muscle pain


Are you struggling with muscle pain cramps and spasms daily? If yes then include Basil oil in your daily routine as it tackles muscle pain and reduces the chances of cramps. Numerous studies have highlighted that Basil Essential oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties which reduce swelling inflammation, sore muscles, and stiffness in joints.

7. Basil oil for bad odor

Say goodbye to bad odor by introducing a natural deodorant agent like Basil oil. The use of basil oil also includes its capability to work as a number one cleanser to eliminate bad odors. Basil oil helps to remove and eliminate the fungus that induces odor. It leaves a very fresh and vibrant Aroma and also discards the spread of fungal infection.

8. Basil oil for asthma

Are you feeling restlessness, breathlessness, or other issues related to asthma or breathing? Basil oil is your only best friend that helps to cure breathing issues and other conditions associated with asthma. To use Basil oil for asthma conditions you can simply diffuse it in a diffuser or inhale it by adding a drop or two in your herbal tea. However, make sure to consult your doctor before using essential oils for conditions like asthma.

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We are nearing the end of the series of uses of basil oil. It's been a mix of Basil oil for skin care, Basil oil for hair care, and Basil oil for health benefits. But the main point here is to note the endless benefits of basil oil for your overall health. If you are excited to learn more about the stupefying benefits of other essential oils and carrier oils then visit

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