Sacha Inchi Oil

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Botanical Name: Plukenetia volubilis

Extraction Method: Cold pressed from the seeds

Description:  Sacha inchi is a star shaped fruit, also known as the Inca peanut, is the seed of a plant that grows in the highlands of Peru. Sacha Inchi oil is extracted from the seeds of the Sacha Inchi plant, which were known as the “super food” of the ancient Incas. This little exotic oil is very unique because it is one of the richest plant based source of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Almost 90% of the oil is essential fatty acids with 48% Alfa-linolenic acid (Omega 3), 33% Linolenic acid (Omega 6), and 9% Oleic acid (Omega 9), which helps to protect skin's moisture barrier. The high antioxidant and skin smoothing properties make Sacha Inchi oil ideal for use in formulations meant for mature skin, as well as in moisturizing creams and lotions meant to soothe dry, irritated skin, and to repair damaged hair.

Common Uses:

Moisturising: Sacha Inchi oil easily penetrates in the skin and is highly moisturising. Linoleic acid content locks in the moisture in the skin and protects against the damage caused by external factors like sun exposure, regulates oil production and maintains elasticity.

Helps with Acne prone skin: It hydrates the skin without clogging the pores, making it light and gentle enough to apply to all skin types, especially sensitive skin that is afflicted with dryness, itchiness, irritation, and blemishes.

Anti-aging: Sachi inchi oil is great emollient and is known beneficial to mature skin as it soothes and prevents inflammation and to promotes softness, smoothness, and suppleness, thereby promoting the skin’s rejuvenation for a more youthful complexion. Since it is rich in Vitamin A and E, the oil represents an important source of antioxidants which protects the skin from free radicals and thus combats signs of aging.

Smoothens hair: It conditions hair and thus contributes softness, shine, and silkiness to dry, damaged, and brittle strands, thereby enhancing the hair’s natural gloss and smoothness.

Strengthen Hair: Sacha inchi oil is reputed to regulate oil production in the scalp, to enhance moisture retention, to nourish, and to strengthen the scalp and the strands.

Treat scalp conditions: Sachi Inchi oil is known for soothing irritation and calming inflammation of the scalp, especially on scalps that suffer from uncomfortable symptoms associated with dandruff, psoriasis, or eczema.

Restore mental Balance: It is believed that applying Sacha Inchi oil to the scalp has a positive effect on mental health as well, and this is because to its ability to balance the nervous system and due to the natural abundance of Omega 3 fatty acids, a deficiency in which is thought to lead to depressive mental state. In addition, the high levels of healthy fats are thought to reduce brain inflammation, thereby decreasing the risk of experiencing mental grievances, such as memory loss, mood swings, depression, headaches, fatigue, and strokes, among other potential ailments.

Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types including mature and acne prone skin

Storage: It is recommended to store carrier oils in cool dark place to maintain their freshness and maximum shelf life. If refrigerated, bring them to room temperature before use.

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