Rose Oil (Centifolia)

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Rosa Centifolia 

Rosa centifolia (also known as the provence rose or cabbage rose) and Rosa damascena are the two main species of rose used in the production of rose essential oil. Rosa centifolia is mostly cultivated in Egypt, Morocco and France for its singular fragrance, which is clear and sweet, with light notes of honey

Common Uses:

Skin: The oil is especially suitable for sensitive, dry and aging skin. It has a tonic effect on the skin and an astringent effect on the capillaries, and it can be used in creams to treat thread veins.

Mind: Aromatherapists credit it with being an exotic aphrodisiac which helps in soothing & harmonizing the mind as well as helps in overcoming anger, depression, grief, nervous tension, fear and other ailments.

Body: Aids in treating spasms, pain, inflammation, bloating, wrinkles, trauma, stress, nervous tension, sexual debilities, headache, infections and skin ulcers.

Product Color: Pale reddish yellow liquid

Blends Well With: Bergamot, Chamomile German, Chamomile Roman, Clary Sage,Geranium, Melissa, Rosewood, Sandalwood and Ylang-ylang.

Caution: Avoid during pregnancy and with sensitive skin. It can cause possible sensitization in some individuals, so use in very low concentration only. It is important to note that all Essential Oils are extremely concentrated in nature and if to be applied on the skin or body, should always be diluted upto a maximum dosage of 4% in a suitable carrier oil.

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