Olive Squalane

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Botanical Name: Olea europaea

Description:  Olive Squalane also known as Phytosqualane, is a cruelty-free, plant-based source of the compound Squalane that is derived from natural olives. It is extracted from Olive Oil deodorizer distillates(OODD), a by-product created during Olive oil refinery process. OODD further undergoes purification process to produce Olive Squalane.

Squalene is a component of human sebum, helps lubricate and moisturize skin and scalp while acting as a natural guard against external irritants and pollutants and depletes as one ages. Olive Squalane is a lightweight, transparent, tasteless, and odorless liquid that reflects the Squalene component of human sebum. It is light and easily absorbed, leaving skin silky and smooth. It is also less prone to oxidization which improves the stability and shelf life for commercial applications.

It is a luxurious emollient used in a wide variety of personal care and cosmetic formulations with unique chemical and physical characteristics, along with beautifying properties for skin, hair, nails and lips. Currently it is extensively incorporated into personal care products such as emollients, facial creams and serums, hair conditioners and oils, lip moisturizers, cuticle creams, sunscreens, and other dermatological products for inflammatory conditions such as eczema.

Common Uses:

Ultra moisturising: Olive Squalane has highly valued chemical properties which helps to moisturize and deeply hydrate skin, hair, and body without leaving a greasy, oily finish. It also acts as a great emollient; Olive Squalane flows in between the cells of the epidermis to smooth out and significantly soften the texture of skin. It additionally creates a natural, protective barrier on the skin’s surface to slow down transepidermal water loss.

Anti-aging: Olive Squalane helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and cracks formed by extreme dryness and damage, making it ideal for use on not only the face but also the cuticles, heels, elbows, and knees. It also protects against effects of harmful elements, UV radiation and pollution.

Healthy Hair: When used in hair, it demonstrates similar hydrating activity as on skin, working to infuse hair strands with moisture, imitates the function of natural sebum, protects against damage caused by environment, repairs damage such as split ends, and helps to preserve softness in hair.

Soft Lips: It is an excellent alternative to lip balm as it deeply moisturises and softens the texture of lips. It helps seal in moisture while reducing chapping, cracking or flakiness of the skin. It also helps in improving the appearance of lips by making them look more plump. It can also be a nourishing emollient to incorporate into lipsticks or lip serums and oils.

Moisturised Nails: Frequent washing of hands and use of harsh hand cleansers and certain nail products, can strip the nails from its natural oils, leading to dry brittle nails that chap or break easily. The cuticles and surrounding bed can also suffer due to dryness, cracking or painful peeling. The application of Olive Squalane or Olive Squalane-enriched products can help replenish the fats needed for softer and healthier-looking nails. It helps fight dryness of nails and cuticles by deeply moisturising and soothing the nail bed.  

Skin Type: Suitable for all skin and hair types

Storage: It is recommended to store carrier oils in cool dark place to maintain their freshness and maximum shelf life. If refrigerated, bring them to room temperature before use.

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