Macadamia Oil

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Botanical Name: Macadamia ternifolia

Extraction Method: Cold pressed

Description: Macademia oil is extracted from the nuts of the macademia tree, is native to Australia and has delicate nutty aroma. It is It is high in mono-unsaturated fatty acids, contains Palmitoleic acid which promotes young soft skin, as well as omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

The cushiony rich feel of this oil makes it ideal for cosmetics. It also has high oxidative stability which makes it perfect component of sun care lotions, night creams and various skin acre applications. It is also used in cosmetic formulations as fragrance fixative and emollient.

Common Uses:

Moisturizing: The oil of macadamia nuts is similar to your skin’s natural sebum and hydrates without clogging pores. Oleic Acid concentration helps to prevent trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), making it perfect for moisturising dry, sensitive skin. It is also rich in phytosterols which are building blocks of cell membrane and structure and thus helps to repair skin’s barrier function.

Anti Aging: The presence of rich fatty acids like palmitoleic acid helps prevent premature aging. The presence of Vitamin E which is both an anti-oxidant and essential nutrient, neutralizes free radicles to protect skin and transport nutrients and water throughout the body.

Sun Protection: Macadamia oil helps to soothe and relieve the nasty sunburn because it contains fatty acids which act as powerful anti-inflammatory agents .It is additionally is able to form a protective barrier against the sun and prevent damage to the skin by those free radicals.

Fights Acne: The strong anti-inflammatory properties present in macadamia nut oil helps to reduce the appearance of pimples. This oil penetrates easily into the skin without leaving it greasy and oily. It helps to moisturise acne-prone skin.

Healthy hair: Hair follicles produce a natural sebum called palmitoleic, which is one of the main constituents of this oil. As we grow older, our body reduces production of it and thus our hair begins to loose strength and shine. This oil binds to the hair shaft and infuses it with fatty acids, leaving hair follicles stronger and healthier. The antioxidants help hair recover from environmental exposure like pollutants in air.

Manage frizzy dull hair:  It is also great to for calming the hair of frizz, tangles and dullness. This lightweight, non-greasy nutty oil adds shine and vitality to your strands while coating your ends and keeping your scalp moisturized.

Skin Type: Suitable for all. Best for Dry Sensitive skin

Storage: It is recommended to store carrier oils in cool dark place to maintain their freshness and maximum shelf life. If refrigerated, bring them to room temperature before use.


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