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Jamarosa Oil

Jamarosa Oil


Cymbopagon Khasians

Jamarosa is a hybrid grass.

The essential oil is extracted using steam distillation.

Common Uses:

Jamarosa Root Essential Oil is most commonly used as a natural fragrance compound in perfumery. It consists of 75% of geraniol and 20% of geranyl acetate.

Product Color: Pale reddish yellow oil

Blends Well With: Palmarosa, Geranium, Rose Geranium, ginger-grass and Juniper.

Caution: Avoid during pregnancy and with sensitive skin. It can cause possible sensitization in some individuals, so use in very low concentration only. It is important to note that all Essential Oils are extremely concentrated in nature and if to be applied on the skin or body, should always be diluted upto a maximum dosage of 4% in a suitable carrier oil.