Coconut Oil (Virgin)

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Coconut Oil (Virgin)

Botanical Name: Cocos nucifera

Extraction Method: Cold pressed

Description: Cold pressed coconut oil is a rich source of nutritionally fatty acids. The process of extracting from the grated flesh from mature coconuts which have higher oil content. This creamy flesh of the coconut is separated through a series of centrifuges at low temperature. A traditional cold process method is then used to distil the oil, without the application of heat so as to retain the oils nutrients and its quality. 

Coconut oil has been used since ancient times as a staple ingredient in beauty products. This oil has the ability to moisturize and condition hair, boost its growth and leave it looking lustrous. It is often added to soaps as well.

Common Uses:

Hydrates skin: Coconut oil is composed primarily of nourishing fatty acids and is especially high in lauric acid. It also contains vitamin E and healthy fats, which help to make skin smooth. It is a great skin conditioner and helps to get rid of dry and hard skin conditions. The saturated fats in the oil helps the skin stay moisturized. These fats give skin a healthy, smooth and even tone. It also protects the skin by enhancing skin barrier function.

Reduces inflammation: The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil benefits the skin by improving its  ability to treat skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and other inflammatory skin issues.

May help treat acne: The antibacterial properties of the medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil could also help reduce acne.

Anti-aging: It has anti-oxidants such as Vitamin E and Vitamin A, which help to slow down the aging process and may help to reduce the damage from free radicals and the sun. It hydrates skin and helps to improve elasticity and collagen production.

Bodycare: Not only is coconut oil used as a moisturizer for your face, it is also an amazing moisturizer for your body. It helps to restore skin’s natural PH levels thus leaving it silky and smooth. It is often used as base oil in lotions, creams and body butters.

Haircare: This oil can bring back life to dull, dry or damaged hair ad has been used a saviour for dry, parched hair for years. It can penetrate inside the hair shaft better than other oils because of its fatty acid structure and low molecular weight It can also be used as a natural conditioner or used to control frizzy hair and detangle knots. Regular use of coconut oil on the hair not only nourishes your dry strands but also strengthens and protects, thus reducing protein loss and damage due to styling and coloring.

Relaxation: It is known for its relaxation benefits, especially in the form of massages as its is quickly absorbed in the skin. It acts as an effective moisturizer while the exotic coconut scent relaxes your senses. Massaging with this oil also helps to promote healing, hydration and rejuvenation of the skin.

Skin Type: Dry or normal to dry skin

Storage: It is recommended to store carrier oils in cool dark place to maintain their freshness and maximum shelf life. If refrigerated, bring them to room temperature before use. 

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