Tiny Tot Aromatherapy: Are Essential Oils Safe For Babies


As parents people are always concerned about the usage of several products for their babies. Especially when it comes to concentrated ingredients like essential oils parents are very specific about their usage. Even though the arrival of a newborn is quite beautiful and a Glory on its own the experience makes you learn a lot of things it gives you a great learning about what products to use and what to avoid with a newborn. One such product for your little one that many people are doubtful about using is essential oils for babies. Are essential oils safe for babies is every parent's concern. Even though essential oils are quite therapeutic and have a soothing Aroma there are some of them which might not be a great choice for your tiny tot. In such a situation it is important to consider the safe essential oils for babies and their usage with proper precautions to avoid any side effects.

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Essential oils are extracts of plants and are primarily derived from them. They are loaded with phenomenal therapeutic and soothing properties and anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antiviral qualities which are great for confining the spread of infections. Not only this but essential oils also offer various other benefits and that's why it is important to use them after dilution. Especially when it comes to babies it is necessary to consider the safe essential oils for babies and use them with caution to avoid any side effects. As experts today we will explore what essential oils are safe for babies and children.

Safe Essential Oils For Babies

1. Organic chamomile Essential oil for babies 

One of the best and safest essential oils for babies is German chamomile oil Essential oil is safe to be used for babies. Even babies with sensitive skin can also keep a hang of chamomile Essential oil. Chamomile oil has a very herbaceous fragrance which is soothing for babies. Additionally, chamomile essential also soothes skin irritation with its slight sweetness. However, specialists do not recommend using essential oils for baby's skin as it might lead to inflammation.

2. Pure lavender Essential oil for babies 

While talking about the best essential oils for babies how can we not mention organic lavender Essential oil? Lavender oil is safe for babies because it has a relaxing and soothing fragrance. The floral fragrance with hints of lavender instantly uplifts your baby's mood and also keeps them at solace. However, keep in mind that lavender Essential oil should not be gobbled by your babies in any form because it is very concentrated and might lead to accidents if ingested.

3. Mandarin Essential oil for babies

If you are looking for citrus Essential oil safe for babies which do not cause any harm and have a calming fragrance then Mandarin Essential oil can be the one for you. Mandarin oil has therapeutic qualities that are identical to lavender Essential oil but are on a sweeter note. Babies might not adore the fragrance of lavender Essential oil due to its strong flavor. In this case, you can use Mandarin Essential oil for babies especially during their bedtime to promote good sleep.

4. Rose geranium oil for babies

Rose geranium Essential oil is extracted from the fresh roses and oozes a very cozy yet relaxing Rosy fragrance. It is one of the most powerful yet soft and safe Essential oils for babies it instantly relaxes The mind with its floral Rose aroma. Guess what Rose geranium Essential oil is safe to use on baby's skin as it moisturizes the skin well and also calms inflammation. However, do not use pure essential oils directly on baby's skin as it might irritate them. It is very important to dilute essential oils and consult a doctor while using essential oils for babies.

5. Sweet Orange Essential oil for babies

Another citrus Essential oil that is great and safe for babies is sweet Orange oil. Sweet Orange Essential oil for babies instantly uplifts their mood and energizes their minds. Not only this but sweet origin Essential oil has a very tangy, juicy yet citrusy Aroma which when diffused cheers up your baby like a pro. 

6. Frankincense Essential oil 

Frankincense Essential oil is mainly known as the king of essential oils as it has soothing qualities which are great for babies. Also, how can we forget that frankincense Essential oil also promotes a peaceful environment and brings harmony when diffused?

7. Grapefruit Essential oil 

If you are exploring the best and safest essential oils for babies especially to cure their cold and cough then make sure to use grapefruit Essential oil. Loaded with sweet and fresh fragrance it instantly clears out the congestion and freshens the air with its tangy Aroma.

8. Tangerine Essential oil

Another Essential oil that comes under the list of safe essential oils for babies includes Tangerine Essential oil. Tangerine oil instantly amps up the ambiance and calms the mind.

What essential oils are not safe for babies?


Now that we have discovered the best and safest essential oils for babies, it is time to check out the essential oils that are not safe for your babies. Every Essential oil is loaded with some potent qualities that are great for adults. But when we talk about newborns  it might not be a great choice. One should always check the side of caution when it comes to infants.

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Some essential oils should never be used for toddlers or children.


Always remember that essential oils are powerful and concentrated. They should always be diluted, especially when using them for babies. As experts, we always recommend consulting your doctor before using safe essential oils for babies as not all kids react the same way. On another note, it is important to closely monitor the quality of essential and carrier oils for babies. At Moksha Lifestyles we promise quality-oriented essential oils and carrier oils to tackle various concerns.

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