Lavender Oil And Breast Growth: Fact Or Fiction?


A lot of people are wondering if lavender oil is a legitimate way to help grow breasts. Yes! Lavender oil is a very effective way to help grow breasts. Lavender oil can be applied to the skin so that it permeates through the pores and gets closer to where you want to change. This topical application can go a long way in helping with breast growth! With that being said, not everyone will experience profound changes right away. Anyone wanting substantial results should plan on using lavender for at least two months or more before they see any effects. In the case of using lavender oil for breast growth, it is important to remember that it is strictly a clinical trial you are participating in.

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Your results are not guaranteed and can differ from person to person. Lavender essential oil is produced from flowers of the lavender plant which is native to Asia. The plant can be found in other parts of the world but is not native to North America. Lavender is most famous for its use as a relaxing and relaxing agent. It has also been used in cosmetics as well as aromatherapy practices to relieve stress and anxiety. This wonder oil is derived from the flowers, but can also come from the seeds, roots, and stems of the plant. Lavender oil works by being absorbed into your pores and then spread throughout your body.

Benefits Of Using Lavender Oil For Breast Growth:

1) For Fat Accumulation

The main ingredient in lavender is linalool which works by binding to receptors. This creates the fat-burning process, encouraging the body to go into fat-burning mode. This occurs by preventing fatty tissue from being produced and encouraging existing tissue to be broken down and converted into energy.

2) For Nerve Stimulation

Lavender oil helps stimulate nerves and tissues in the body, while also increasing blood circulation. Nerves stimulate tissues, making them more sensitive to specific hormones. Increased blood flow allows for additional oxygen and nutrients to make their way to the breast tissue.

3) For Breast Development

The increased blood flow and oxygen also encourage cell growth. This helps your body grow new tissue while encouraging existing tissues to become more developed.

4) For Skin Moisture

Lavender oil is a natural moisturizer, so it will help keep your skin hydrated. It helps create a natural protective layer on the top of the skin which keeps it hydrated, but also prevents the loss of moisture from entering through the pores of your skin. This helps combat dryness that tends to occur when you are growing breasts.

5) For Hormone Levels

Lavender is known to increase estrogen and decrease testosterone levels in the body. Oestrogen is a female hormone associated with breast growth and other feminine characteristics. High levels of testosterone can prevent breast growth because they suppress estrogen and encourage male characteristics. This is why it is so helpful for those who are born male but want to grow breasts.

6) For Stress Relief

Stress can be a factor in inhibiting the body's ability to grow breasts. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your breasts to grow as much as possible. Lavender oil helps relieve stress, which in turn helps relieve anxiety, which can also create other problems that inhibit growth.

7) For Overall Health

Aiding in the breast growth process will in turn help promote overall health. This is because your body will be able to produce more hormones, which can benefit other areas of the body. Lavender oil has many wonderful properties and can help those who want to grow breasts. If you are looking for a natural source of breast growth, one that can be used as both a preventative as well as a growth booster, lavender oil should be one of the top choices.

How To Apply Lavender Oil For Breast Growth?


Most people want immediate results from anything that they use. However, with lavender oil for breast growth, it is important to remember that there are no guarantees with using this essential oil alone. You may or may not experience any changes if you try lavender oil on its own. If you are looking for some immediate changes in breast size or shape, this may not be the best choice for you:

Step 1: Find The Right Oil

The first step is to make sure you are using the right type of oil. Lavender can be purchased at most health food stores or in specialty shops. You want to buy an undiluted version of this oil as opposed to one that has been mixed with other oils. If it is not a pure form, it will not be able to deliver the same results.

Step 2: Choose Your Application Method

There are many different ways to apply lavender oil topically. The best way will depend on what you have available and what feels most comfortable for you. Some people find that rubbing or massaging their breasts with the oil feels more comfortable, while some people find that applying it to various areas of the body feels better. If you have trouble finding a way to apply lavender oil, ask your pharmacist for an appropriate balm so you can apply it directly to your breasts.

Step 3: Discover What Works For You

Use lavender oil cautiously at first. If you notice that this is causing any persistent irritation or burning sensations, then stop using the essential oil for breast growth immediately and begin a new cycle of trying again later. This discomfort usually occurs due to an improper application method.

Step 4: Be Ready For Results

Don't be discouraged if you don't see immediate results. Many people find that they need to use lavender oil for breast growth for several weeks before they begin to notice any changes. You may also find that some changes occur slowly, while others happen sooner. The important thing is to keep using the oil until you have found your desired level of growth.

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That is good advice about using this oil as it can be a pretty powerful one that tends to cause skin irritation and general burn sensations in some people. Because of this, it is important when applying the oil topically, that you start with just a bit on areas where you are growing tissue, and work your way up to a higher dose as time goes on.


1) Are there any side effects to using lavender oil for breast growth?

No, this is a completely natural oil, so there are no known side effects. Some people may find that it causes slight irritation of the skin. However, this is usually due to improper use of the product. Following the instructions above should help you avoid this issue.

2) How do I use lavender oil with other products?

When you first begin applying this oil to your body, you can mix it with other types of lotions or serums that you use on a day-to-day basis. Keep in mind though that any type of cream or lotion will lessen the effect of the oil's healing properties.

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