Nurturing Naturals: Best Essential Oils For Lipoma Wellness


Lumpy skin on the body instantly feels extremely weird and squishy. Did you know that the same happens when a major bulge or lump appears on the body or any part of your body and feels giggly when you touch it? Well, this happens quite a lot of time and, you might not know the reason behind it. This is mainly because of lipoma. Out of a hundred people, one or two usually suffer from the condition of lipoma at some point of time in their lives. The condition of lipoma usually doesn't trigger any pain in the body but it is majorly caused due to the assertion of fat in various parts of the body. While there are many ways to treat the condition of lipoma including liposuction, injections of steroids, and even surgery one can look on the other side that caters to natural remedies. The essential oils for lipoma are very effective and held to treat the condition at home.

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Now that you know about the home remedy we will first have a look at lipoma and thereafter consider the major essential oils that help to cure it.

What is Lipoma?

Lipoma appears like tumors in the body and causes a bulge. The condition usually appears to be stable and does not cause any harm. However, it might turn into a severe case if not treated on time. It is a non-cancerous tumor or lump which forms under the skin. As mentioned above lipoma is evident in obese people. It usually appears on the parts of the body where the fatty cells exist. Additionally, they are soft to the touch and usually move when you press them. Lipoma is not a severe medical condition. But it can turn into one if the treatment is not done. So let us check out the essential oils that serve as a natural remedy to treat lipomas without the need for surgeries. 

Best Essential Oils for Lipomas

1. Grapefruit Essential oil 

Grapefruit Essential oil comes under the list of best citrus Essential oils and it's primarily extracted from the peel of grapefruit. Known for its potent antioxidant and anti-microbial properties the Essential oil helps in the weight loss process and also tackles your appetite. Studies have revealed that grapefruit Essential oil is an effective fat burner and is four considered one of the best essential oils for weight loss and appetite. Other studies have revealed that grapefruit Essential oil is added to various skin care products as it eliminates cellulite. 

Rich in pain relieving properties this Essential oil helps to reduce the condition of lipomas naturally. It majorly eradicates the presence of toxins in the body and also eliminates the fatty deposits that might ruin your health. So essentially you can use grapefruit Essential oil for a gentle massage in the body to get rid of lipomas.

2. Ginger Essential oil 

Another ideal choice for the best Essential oil for lipomas is Ginger Essential oil. Ginger oil comes from the root of the Ginger plant and is used to treat a variety of healthcare concerns. From tackling respiratory health to nausea, dizziness, migraines, and other issues the Essential oil serves as a one-stop remedy for all things health. The blend of Ginger Essential oil with other carrier oils and essential oils majorly helps to tackle joint pain muscle pain stiffness and Arthritis pain.

Studies have demonstrated that Ginger Essential oil also improves blood circulation in the body and reduces the problem of lipoma. Simply combine Ginger Essential oil with any carrier oil of your choice and massage this blend on the affected area. The ideal combination is to mix it with almond oil and explore its benefits.

3. Clove Essential oil


How about using the very strong yet effective clove Essential oil for lipoma? Extracted from the birds of clove tree through the steam distillation method the Essential oil is widely recognized for reducing tooth pain unhealthy gums and other oral healthcare concerns. But did you know that clove Essential oil also helps to reduce lipoma and eliminate it? The accumulation of fat beneath the skin leads to lipoma. Thankfully clove Essential oil improves the blood circulation on the affected area and also minimizes the storage of fatty tissue in the skin. The pain-relieving properties of globe Essential oil come in very handy especially while talking about lipoma pain. As you no clove Essential oil is very strong and powerful so it should not be used in its purest form. One should always dilute clove Essential oil with a carrier oil that includes coconut oil or almond oil before applying it to the affected area.

4. Frankincense Essential oil

Last but not least in the list of the best essential oils for lipoma is frankincense oil. Frankincense oil is a staple in the Middle East region and is extracted from the resin of the Frankincense tree. The Essential oil is known to have potent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Widely used in the Skin Care industry, the Essential oil helps to treat the condition of lipoma effectively. Frankincense Essential oil for the skin is a beneficial ingredient. It mainly treats stretch marks, acne scars, pimples, and other skin imperfections. Studies have revealed that using frankincense Essential oil minimizes the inflammation and further eliminates it which reduces the severity of lipomas. 

To use frankincense Essential oil for lipoma, simply combine it with castor oil or coconut oil and massage it gently.

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The bottom line concludes that Essential oils are truly effective and true to their properties when it comes to tackling various healthcare concerns. The best essential oils for lipoma including the one mentioned above typically reduce the condition over time and dissolve it completely. However one has to be very patient while trying out natural remedies as they take time to show results. Also one should always opt for 100% pure and natural essential oils for maximum benefits. At Moksha Lifestyle, we only offer pure essential oils and carrier oils for various skincare and healthcare issues. 

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