How to make Incense Sticks using Essential Oils

Incense sticks are an instant mood-lifter. The sweet, calming and soothing aroma of incense sticks relaxes your mind. Today, there is a wide array of incense sticks available in the market. But, sad to hear that not all of them are natural. Yes, the incense sticks that you shop from the market are not always safe. Some of them have synthetic fragrances which even though smell good but do not provide therapeutic benefits an incense stick is supposed to provide.  

However, incense sticks made of pure essential oils are worth your money. For years aromatherapy is said to have amazing effects on your mind and body. Incense sticks that have a high percentage of essential oils in them are the most promising ones as they lighten your mood, enhance emotional well-being and create a peaceful environment.

When you inhale the aroma of incense sticks, it instantly goes to your mind and sends a message to the brain's limbic system which in turn enhances your mood and improves your memory power. Incense sticks have a calming vibe to them and are surely a must-have to keep your home cozy and sweet-smelling all day. Now, let's have a look at some of the best pure essential oils that are used for incense sticks. 

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Best Essential oils For Incense Sticks

Incense sticks exude a beautiful aroma which soothes and calms the environment around you. They are relaxing and calming and have been traditionally used in India since decades during spiritual prayers. Incense sticks made from Essential oils provide therapeutic benefits and instantly help relax your mind. As per Ayurveda, burning incense stick is considered effective as it purifies air and infuses it with a pleasing aroma.

Whether you try high-end incense sticks or treat yourself with scented candles, nothing can beat the scent of royal roses. The sweet and satisfying aroma of rose oil is safe to inhale and makes the environment fresh and sweet like a garden. 

Rose oil combines fresh, floral, sweet and indulging aroma which makes environment comforting and vibrant. Rose-scented incense sticks are perfect to light up in daytime and nighttime to calm down the nerves and reduce stress, anxiety and tension. 

Known for its earthy, woody and long-lasting aroma, sandalwood oil is one of the premium oils used in incense sticks. The aroma of sandalwood oil makes it to one of the most lavish and classy incense sticks which have woody, peaceful, velvety and sweet overtones.

Incense sticks made with sandalwood oil ooze earthy, woody and very seductive aroma which is highly stimulating and calms the environment. You can burn sandalwood incense sticks while meditating, doing yoga or even praying.

Lavender Essential oil has a sweet, floral and fresh aroma with herbaceous undertones, The aroma of lavender is sure to leave you enchanted and is believed to promote calmness and wellness.  The alluring aroma of lavender helps dispel depression, and works well to fight bad odour without being overwhelming.            

The aroma of lavender oil carries buoyant and relaxing vibes which calms your senses and relaxes your body, mind and soul. Lavender essential oil is prominently used in incense sticks as it reinvigorates and create a relaxing atmosphere. 

Jasmine is commonly known as a mood enhancer and is an aphrodisiac. Delicate jasmine flowers handpicked at night are used to make Jasmine Essential oil. The soothing aroma of Jasmine has a soothing effect on inner self and helps during meditation. It is also known to relieve anxiety.

Jasmine oil is one of the well-known and famous incense stick aromas used all across the world. The sweet, lively and cheerful aroma that arises from the fresh jasmine blossoms is worth giving a shot. 

Neroli offers a very fresh and delicate aroma. The soothing aroma of this essential oil alleviates stress and enhances mood. Neroli is a perfect addition to incense sticks as its calms your mind during meditation routine because of its spicy, fresh and cheerful aroma. 

Neroli incense sticks carry a sweet, earthy and spicy aroma that lasts for a very long time. It instantly brightens up the mind due to its zesty citrusy note and helps cut off the bad odor from the surrounding atmosphere. 

Tuberose has a very exotic aroma with sweet and floral notes which has soothing and relaxing effect on our nerves, brain and muscles. Tuberose is said to be the most fragrant plant in the world. The floral aroma fills air with an atmosphere of love and creates an aura of relaxation, sensuality and romance.

The aroma of tuberose also promotes confidence and has soothing effect on mind. It helps calm down anger and relaxes mind.

Citronella essential oil lends cool, citrusy notes with grassy undertones. Citronella incense sticks are known to relieve stress and anxiety. They help revitalize body and relaxes mind. It is also known to energize body and build positive energy.

Citronella incense sticks also act as a natural mosquito repellant and help protect you from mosquitoes while you get your peaceful sleep. The aroma of citronella freshens up the atmosphere and helps uplift negative mood.

Eucalyptus has minty and camphoraceous aroma which helps eliminate bad odour and creates a pleasant home fragrance. Burning Eucalyptus incense helps improve concentration and keeps mind fresh as it helps increase blood flow to brain.

Eucalyptus essential oil has strong stress relieving properties and refreshes mind as it stimulates senses. It helps re-energize body and has calming effect on the mind. It is also known to help fatigue and reduces anxiety.

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Essential oil recipe for Incense Sticks

Let's see how you can make your very own incense sticks. These recipes must be tried only under supervision as you may be allergic to the potent aroma of organic essential oil. 

How to make Incense Sticks with Essential Oils


  • Essential oils of your choice
  • Raw Incense Sticks
  • Thin dish or tray
  • Aluminium Foil


  • Line a thin dish or tray with aluminum foil.
  • Place your incense sticks on the dish.
  • Using a dropper, pour 20-22 drops of essential oil on the incense stick evenly on each incense stick. You can take single essential oil or make a blend of 2-3 pure oils.
  • Once the entire incense stick is dipped in the essential oil mixture, keep it away in a glass jar and let it rest for 24 hours. 
  • Once the sticks are dried, you can use them. 

In the same way, you can use multiple essential oils to make your own incense sticks. Remember that the choice of oils really matters here. Opt for organic essential oils that have a sweet aroma and offer therapeutic benefits.


Are essential oils safe for incense sticks?

They are absolutely safe for external purposes like inhaling. Essential oil incense sticks in India have been used traditionally for a very long time and are safe to burn at your residence or during meditation. 

It is always suggested to choose organic and pure essential oils for incense sticks instead of going for uncertified and local ones. Buy the best-quality and top-grade organic essential oil from Moksha to make your incense sticks at home.


Few Things to Consider While Using Essential Oil 

  • Essential oils are for external use only and should never be ingested
  • Store essential oils out of reach of children and store them apart from other products.
  • Some essential oils can be fatal to pets and therefore always research before using them
  • It is unclear what effects essential oils have on pregnant and breastfeeding women. While some consider them safe, many doctors advise pregnant women to avoid the use of essential oils
  • Always buy pure essential oils and stay away from fake counterparts as they won't contain the same therapeutic benefits.



Incense sticks have been traditionally used in our households since decades. As per ayurveda, burning incense sticks or agarbattis purify air and infuses air with a pleasing aroma. They provide theraopeutic benefits of the essential oils they are infused with and help calm our senses. Making your own incense stick can be fun. It is a satisfying process as you know that you will reap benefits of the essential oils you have put in and can customize the aroma the way you like! You can buy pure organic essential oils for incense sticks at Moksha India. They manufacture high-quality essential oils to be used in aromatherapy incense sticks.



  • Where can I get pure essential oils for incense sticks?

You can buy organic essential oils from Moksha. The quality of essential oils is top-notch and is widely used in Aromatherapy. 

  • Can I pour essential oil on incense sticks?

Yes, you can do that. Pour 20-25 drops of essential oil into a bland incense stick. Keep it in a cool, dark place and let dry. Once it is dried, you can use it for your purpose.

  • How can I store Essential oil incense sticks?

You can store it in a dark place away from sunlight and reach of children. Once the incense stick is dried out, you can keep it for as long as you want


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