Lavender oil for Improved Sleep I Benefits & Uses

We all love to enjoy the calm of nighttime and have a peaceful slumber after a hard day at work. The combination of good sleep and quality support from an essential oil-based aroma is extremely beneficial to one's sleep pattern, so much so that these 'natural sleep aids' are gradually becoming preferred methods for many people. If you happen to be struggling to get enough rest at night due to anxiety or stress, a calming essential oil such as lavender oil may well benefit you greatly by giving your body some time away from these anxieties this can help lay your mind at ease so that you might be able to relax enough for restful sleep.

For a natural way to get your best night’s sleep, we recommend you to go to Organic Lavender oil for sleep. In this article, we are going to bring about how beneficial is pure lavender oil for quality sleep, along with some interesting methods of using lavender oil at home and avail of its benefits.

lavender oil for sleep

What is Lavender oil? 

Organic lavender oil is derived from the flowers of “Lavandula angustifolia” originated in the Mediterranean but is also found in England, France, Germany and all over the world.  The most common form of this oil is extracted from lavender flower buds; obtained from steam distillation.  The major components of pure lavender oil include linalyl acetate linalool and cineole, benzopyrone which are often used in aromatherapy as they stimulate relaxation and aid in coping with stress. Pure Lavender oil may also help with muscle aches, reduce muscular spasms, improve sleep quality, and heal burns.


What are the benefits of using Lavender oil for sleep

Lavender essential oil is one of the more popular and versatile essential oils that comes with a variety of benefits. From having anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic, antidepressant, bactericide, and diuretic properties to aromatherapy it has covered everything. Let's look at how beneficial is lavender oil for sleep 

  • Relaxes mind: Organic lavender oil is one of the most popular fragrant oils when it comes to aromatherapy. Aromatherapists believe that lavender creates a feeling of tranquillity, promotes relaxation and helps relieve anxiety, fungal infections, allergies, depression, insomnia, eczema, nausea and menstrual cramps. In aromatherapy practices, it has been purported to have anti-inflammatory properties as well as analgesic effects like relief from headache/migraines and rheumatism. 
  • Promote quality sleep: Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils for relaxation and sleep. It has a calming scent that can be used in multiple ways to help you unwind after a long day. Whether you are using it before bed or diffusing it throughout your home, lavender oil may help reduce stress and promote restful sleep.
  • Anxiety and depression: Lavender oil is widely used for therapeutic purposes since it is loaded with calming effects and divine fragrance. There’s plenty of evidence suggesting that some people feel soothed by the smell of lavender. One study found that pure lavender oil performed exactly the same as a prescription drug in reducing anxiety. Another study observed that patients with clinical cases of post-trauma witnessed an improvement in their symptoms with lavender. It’s been shown to help with sleep disturbances, depression and PTSD cases for those suffering from stress, anxiety or depression. It also helps improve emotional health and mood. 
  • Cure for Headache: When one feels a headache starting to form, lavender oil is often the best method people have found to ease tension and reduce pain. Traditionally a safe way to relax, any time lavender triggers its effects it helps reduce stress and ease the pain.
  • Improves Mood: Lavender essential oil has a very uplifting aroma which instantly brightens a dull mood and creates a positive aura around. It helps destress, uplifts mood and create a happy joyful environment.

lavender oil massage for sleep

How to use Lavender Oil for Sleep

Getting a good night sleep is very important in today's stressful times. Sleep is an integral part which helps us go about our day. Without proper sleep, we tend to be groggy next day and our mood goes off for a toss. Lavender Essential oil is a natural remedy which can help us get peaceful sleep without replying on harmful sleeping pills or other over the counter medicines.

  • Diffuser: Pure Lavender oil in a diffuser works as an excellent remedy for sleep. it is one of the most popular essential oils which promotes relaxation and sleep. When diffused, the aroma of Lavender oil spreads in the room which helps calm mind, body and soul. 
  • Aromatherapy Massage: Lavender oil doesn't only smell good, but also promotes relaxation and calms nerves. When added to aromatherapy massages, it calms senses and creates a more relaxed state. It also prepares body for a faster sleep and stay asleep longer. 
  • Few Drops on Pillow: The soothing nature of steam distilled lavender oil promotes deep relaxation and calms the nervous system. You can add few drops of lavender oil to your pillow or can even add few drops to a cotton ball and keep it next to pillow whole sleeping. The aroma of Lavender oil will bring your to rest and relaxed mood and help you sleep faster.
  • Room Spray: Spraying your room with lavender oil mist creates a positive aroma. The sedative effect of organic lavender oil calms mind and helps you get better sleep. 


Precautions while using Lavender oil

  • Essential oils are for external use only and should never be ingested
  • Store essential oils out of reach of children and store them apart from other products. Some essential oils can be fatal to pets and therefore always research before using them
  • Lavender oil must ALWAYS be diluted before applying on skin as they are highly concentrated as can cause irritation. You can dilute them in carrier oil of your choice and the max concentration of essential oils should be 3-4%
  • Always do a patch test before applying on larger areas of skin
  • It is unclear what effects essential oils have on pregnant and breastfeeding women. While some consider them safe, many doctors advice pregnant women to avoid use of essential oils
  • Always buy pure essential oils and stay away from fake counterparts as they wont contain same therapeutic benefits



Having quality sleep is very important for both your physical and mental health. If you are having trouble having a mindful sleep or dealing with any kind of anxiety or headache. We recommend you give try to steam distilled lavender oil for sleep as it promotes relaxation and calms our senses. It is one of the most recommended oil for soothing and helps get relief from anxiety or depression. But, if the situation is worse, you should consult a doctor and get immediate precautions as soon as possible. 

“A good night's sleep is always beneficial to one’s health and wellness ” 


Are there any bad effects of using lavender oil for sleep problems?

No, organic lavender oil is loaded with antidepressants, diuretics and antirheumatic properties making it helpful to deal with sleep problems. It offers natural approach and helps relax your mind. If you are feeling any kind of allergic reaction, stop using immediately. 

Does lavender oil help you relax? 

Yes, Pure lavender oil act as a stress reliever. It is the essential oil that comes with amazing goodness and benefits. You can simply add a few drops of organic lavender oil to the diffuser. It helps to control tension, relieve anxiety and provide tranquillity to the brain. 

Where can buy Steam distilled lavender oil

If you are looking for pure lavender oil online, you can shop from Moksha website. Moksha is a leading supplier of essential oils, supplying top quality and certified form GMS,  USDA, HACCP and many more. 


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