Healing Aromas: Best Essential Oils For Infected Wound Care


Being kids, we often fell and got cuts on the body and were infected with wounds that might take a very long time to heal. Talking about wounds they might take a good time to heal especially when they are infectious. In the same way, treating these infectious wounds ASAP is very important. Guess what today we bring in the best natural remedies to treat infected wounds. Are you wondering what natural remedies we are talking about? Well, it's none other than the best essential oils for infected wounds. Essential oils are known to repair your skin with their phenomenal qualities. Additionally, they also disinfect the wounds and heal them. Using essential oils in a diluted form in proper quantity always works. So, are you ready to check out the best essential oils for infected wounds and their usage? Let's get started.

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Essential oils as you all know are packed with immense properties that are not hidden anymore. People use them for literally everything to cure their physical, emotional, and even psychological health. Essential Oils have a lot more potential than you think and that's why one can also use them for infected wounds and other scars and infections on the skin. Not only this but the essential oils also work well for aroma therapy practices as they are loaded with therapeutic benefits. Using these essential oils for infected wounds heals the skin faster than anything. Are you ready to explore the best of them and check out the usages?

Best Essential Oils for Infected Wounds

1. Tea Tree Essential oil 

Tea tree Essential oil is probably one of the most widely recognized essential oils which has immense properties for your skin. Yes, you heard it right. Tea tree Essential oil is great for infected wounds as it has anti-inflammatory antibacterial and antifungal properties that tackle the infection. Not only this but the Essential oil has a main constituent known as Terpenoids which is known to possess natural antifungal and antiviral properties. Known for its disinfectant properties the Essential oil soothes the skin quite well. So once you use tea tree essential oils for infected wants it immediately clears out the bacteria from the skin and goes into the deep layers. Furthermore, the Essential oil with its wound healing and analgesic qualities heals the skin over some time.

2. Peppermint Essential oil 

We have the OG peppermint Essential oil to treat open wounds. You might have heard of the cooling properties of peppermint Essential oil earlier. But did you know that it works great for open and infected wounds as it has cooling properties because of a natural compound known as menthol? Yes, you heard it right. Menthol instantly cools the skin and the oil's major characteristics restrict emerging bacteria's growth. Additionally, the Essential oil is known to relieve inflammation while encouraging new cell growth with its healing properties. 

Studies have revealed that peppermint Essential oil for infected wounds is a reliable remedy as the oil contains antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-microbial properties. All these qualities of the Essential oil make it an ideal one to prevent inflammation, redness, and swelling on the skin.

3. Eucalyptus Essential oil 

Eucalyptus Essential oil which is widely recognized for its prominent skin benefits also serves as an ideal choice for wound healing. Are you wondering how? Well, the healing properties of eucalyptus Essential oil are linked to its anti-inflammatory and antifungal qualities. Eucalyptus oil has decongestant antiseptic antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties which majorly clear out the infections of the wounds and heal the skin. Additionally, the Essential oil also possesses other valuable qualities that make it quite effective for burns, stings cuts, wounds, and sores. Besides all these qualities Eucalyptus oil also calms irritated skin, relieves inflammation, reduces pain, and also promotes the healing process.

4. Pine Essential oil

Did you know that pine Essential oil also works for infected wounds? Studies have demonstrated that pine Essential oil is quite identical to tea tree oil and serves as a potent antibacterial agent. The Essential oil prominently helps to treat skin concerns like burns cuts and open wounds. Along with this pine Essential oil also possesses anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties that tackle various discomforts in your body along with inflammatory skin conditions. 

5. Lavender Essential oil 


Lavender Essential oil is truly the holy grail Essential oil that you need to solve all your prominent skin conditions. If you are suffering from infected wounds and cuts on the skin then make sure to use lavender Essential oil in a diluted form. The essential oil is quite strong and its healing and soothing properties majorly promote new cell growth and repair the damaged skin tissues. On another note, the wound-healing properties of Lavender oil, promote circulation and accelerate the healing process while battling with infectious wounds. Studies have also demonstrated that lavender Essential oil helps in the assortment of granulation tissue with the help of collagen synthesis which majorly shrinks the wounds and enhances cell growth.

6. Turmeric Essential oil

Turmeric Essential oil is another great addition to the list of best essential oils for infected ones. During old age times and even today turmeric is used by everyone to battle infectious wounds and scars as it works purely as a potent antiseptic. Turmeric Essential oil reduces inflammation, heals the skin, and prevents the commencement of bacteria in your body through open wounds.

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The healing aromas of essential oils are undeniably very beneficial for your skin health. However, using it perfectly after proper dilution is very important. So, always opt for pure and organic essential oils from the moksha lifestyle and use them for open and infected wounds. 

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