Combat Toenail Fungus Naturally: The Power Of Garlic Oil


Onychomycosis is the medical term used to describe nail fungus, which is prevalent in many individuals in various parts of the globe. It is a type of disease that affects the toenail, contributing to changes in its color, thickness, and hardness, and thus making it ugly and sore. But that’s not all that is possible, it can cause complications of a higher degree, for example, ingrown toenails, bacterial infections, and perhaps even go away on the other parts of the body. It may be difficult to notice the first manifestations of toenail fungus, but as time goes by, the discomfort increases. These symptoms may include a discoloration of the nail involving a color change of a yellow or brown hue, thickening or brittleness of the nail, or foul smell coming from the area affected. Soon, the nail may be completely separated from the nail bed, which will lead to pain and discomfort. It can rain, swim in pools, and even sweat the insides of the feet. 

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However, other predisposing factors can lead to toenail fungus formation including health conditions among them being; a compromised immune system, inadequate blood flow, or even diabetes. Topical mitigating treatments for toenail fungus include creams, ointments, and oral remedies. However, these treatments may take some time to work or may yield negative results, with side effects to boot. That is why more and more individuals are running to look for the natural solution to this annoyance, which is garlic oil.

Thus, many people are washing their hair with something as simple as garlic oil in an attempt to control this nuisance. Garlic itself has been proven to have what is called ‘alkylating’, allicin particularly, is a potent antimicrobial and has great capability of combating any fungal infection that is prevailing over millions of people today. Applying garlic in an oil form which has the essence of garlic might help in fighting toenail fungus. Garlic Oil has the advantage of readily soaking through the nail and nail bed and specifically reaching the site where fungal infection mostly occurs and creating a suitable climate for nail growth.

Benefits of garlic oil for toenail fungus

1. Combats infection

It would seem that the potent garlic oil is not only very capable of fighting with toenail fungus. Most notably, armor has acclaimed antifungal capabilities at the center of its functionality. That is why garlic oil is a perfect solution for treating toenails as it consists of allicin which has been reported to have potent fungicidal activity. This is because garlic oil is rubbed directly on the nails thus effectively passing through the nail bed to treat the root of the fungus. The constituents present in garlic oil, particularly allicin, are necessary to interfere with the fungi cell division thus allowing for new and healthy nail growth. From the gathered information on garlic oil antifungal activity, it is possible to control the toenail fungal infection and prevent the nails from further damage or deterioration, creating a healthy environment for the maintenance of the nails’ health.

2. Reduces swelling

That’s where the anti-inflammatory properties of garlic oil come into the picture as they are very helpful in combating the distressing symptoms of this nuisance Skin condition. Allicin, one of the vital elements in garlic oil, interacts with the affected part topically to minimize inflammation and swelling normally connected with toenail fungus, hence eradicating the pain in the process. This is especially important in cases where the rash is still in the early days, and the fungus is most effective in its execution of infective processes. As this kind of inflammation can slow the healing process, by going straight for the cause, the garlic oil prepares the area for healing and enables your body to target and defeat the existing infection that poses a threat to new nail formation. 

3. Improves nail health

It is worth mentioning that one of the most significant advantages of using garlic oil for the treatment of toenail fungus is the slow and steady improvement of the condition of every nail in the feet area. The advantages of using garlic oil for antifungal and antibacterial causes can never be overemphasized on how it produces a conducive environment for nails to grow. In addition to eradicating the external fungal threat, garlic oil creates the optimal circumstances for nails to become stronger, thicker, and healthier. For further protection, the oil has other benefits that kill any further microbial growth hence enabling the nails to grow further. Furthermore, the vitamins, especially vitamin C and selenium available in the garlic oil improve the nail’s health and help increase growth by improving the cuticle’s moisture. 

4. Boosts immune system


We did not stop at using garlic oil for managing the toenail fungus but, there are many more benefits of using this oil to protect your body from similar symptoms in the future. The culinary uses of garlic also extend to its immunomodulating properties, which means it prepares and enhances your immune system so that it will be better equipped to resist such elements as fungal spores. Garlic oil increases the body’s production of white blood cells hence improving its capacity to fight infections and a signified probability of infection recurring being a toenail fungus. It is particularly important for persons, who have weakened immune responses to pathogenic organisms such as diabetics or those patients who take chemotherapy sessions frequently developing fungal diseases. If you add garlic oil to the treatment schedule, you can be very confident that your body is more prepared to handle any other viral infections that might likely infect your toes in the future thus making your toes healthy and happy always.

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1) How to use garlic oil? 

It comes in various forms but the one we are interested in is an essential oil that can be obtained by diluting it with a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil and a few drops of garlic oil. Specifically, the suggested general mix is to mix 1 ml of garlic oil with 3 ml of carrier oil. Stir the mixture properly to get a non-aggressive, but very effective solution.

2) What precautions should be taken?

In sensitive skin, those individuals may have some reactions like skin irritation, skin redness, and allergic contact dermatitis at the site where the garlic oil has been applied to. Lastly, it is recommended that women who are pregnant or still breastfeeding their babies should avoid the use of garlic oil as it cannot be determined whether it can hurt the unborn child or the baby.

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