Bite Back Naturally: Essential Oils For Healing Spider Bites


You might encounter spider bites or bug buyers as the summer approaches. The feeling is purely uncomfortable and leads to itchiness irritation and inflammation on the skin. While many people already know about the best essential oils for bug bites it is now time to explore the ways to treat spider bites. Yes, you heard it right. A spider bite may lead to infection of the skin and has various risks associated with it. So, it becomes very important to keep a check on the home remedies for spider bites. One of the best home remedies is the essential oils for spider bites.

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As experts, we always recommend you check the severity of the skin condition. In extreme cases, it is important to seek immediate medical help and consult a doctor. However, if things do not go to a severe level make sure to try out the best home remedies for healing spider bites. The essential oils good for spider bites are packed with antibacterial fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. These qualities of essential oils come in very handy to treat the irritation and redness that trigger spider bites. So without any further delay let us check out the best essential oils for spider bites.

Essential Oils For Healing Spider Bites

1. Lavender Essential Oil For spider bites 

Lavender Essential oil has calming healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Packed with a turn-off medicinal qualities Lavender Essential Oil truly lives up to the expectation to treat spider bites in one go. It is primarily extracted from the birds of the lavender tree and has healing qualities that instantly soothe the irritation on the skin. Not only there but it is also widely recognised for its distinct Aroma and versatile qualities which makes it one of the must-have essential oils in your vanity.

If you are looking for essential oils good for spider bites that bring amazing results and don't lead to redness or itchiness then Lavender oil can be the one for you. Not only does it restrict the spread of infection around the affected area but also eases inflammation and reduces pain. Won't the healing properties of lavender Essential oil come to the rescue to treat spider bites? For using essential oils for spider bites, simply combine them with a carrier oil of your choice and dab it on the affected area using a cotton ball.

2. Tea tree Essential oil 

Tea tree Essential oil tops the list as it is naturally loaded with antifungal antiseptic anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. These rich qualities of tea tree Essential oil help to strengthen the immune system of your body and also clear out the wound. Did you know that Tea Tree Essential Oil is also one of the best essential oils for bug bites as it has pain-relieving and wound-healing properties? Dictionary Essential oil reduces the stinging sensation on the skin and its naturally cooling properties also reduce the chances of infection.

Studies have revealed that tea tree Essential oil is renowned for its antiseptic qualities which keep infections at bay and also tackles the swelling associated with spider bites. To use tea tree Essential oil for spider bite treatment simply mix it with a carrier oil like almond oil or coconut oil and applied on the affected area. Do not apply it on the open wound as it might lead to skin irritation.

3. Eucalyptus Essential oil 

Eucalyptus Essential oil is very popular due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties it has phenomenal qualities that keep several skin infections away. Not only this but it also reduces the pain due to spider bites and promotes the skin healing process. Using Eucalyptus Essential Oil to treat spider bites is one of the best natural remedies that can come across.

To use eucalyptus Essential oil you can simply be diluted in a carrier oil and massage it on the affected area. Alternatively, you can also combine eucalyptus Essential oil with your body lotion for that soothing sensation and non-oily feeling.

4. Peppermint Essential oil for spider bites 

Let's talk about the peppermint essential oil, which offers many benefits for your skin in the long run. Yes, it is none other than peppermint Essential oil which is loaded with cooling properties that instantly heals your skin like anything. Yes, you heard it right. Peppermint Essential Oil is loaded with pain-relieving and wound-healing properties that reduce itchiness on the skin and also tackle the discount triggered by spider bites and bug bites.

Studies have revealed that peppermint Essential oil contains a cooling compound known as menthol which majorly provides a cooling feel on your skin and also reduces the itching sensation. You can use peppermint Essential oil in several ways to treat spider bites.

5. Lemongrass Essential oil

Lemongrass Essential oil has mind-blowing properties that eradicate the chances of spider bites and their symptoms. If a spider has bitten you in any part of your body Lemongrass Essential Oil can become your go-to option to treat it ASAP. Lemongrass oil is loaded with beneficial qualities along with analgesic antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which reduce inflammation in the skin.

Further lemongrass Essential oil for spider bites also fights germs on the skin and spreads red further more lemongrass Essential oil for spider bites also fights germs on the skin and restricts the spread of infections. The citrusy, tangy yet fresh Aroma of lemongrass Essential oil minimizes itchiness on the skin and serves as an ideal natural remedy that is 100% pure and effective.

6. Basil Essential oil for spider bites and treatment


The holy Basil is anyways renowned for its analgesic and antiseptic properties. It helps to ward off the major symptoms of bug bites and spider bites while healing the wound on your skin. Basil Essential Oil puzzles are antispasmodic anti-inflammatory antiseptic and analgesic qualities that reduce pain inflammation and swelling due to spider bites. Not only this but the anti-microbial qualities of basil Essential oil also restrict skin infection around the affected area.

7. Rosemary Essential oil 

If you are thinking about what essential oils are good for spider bites then Rosemary oil can be a great option. Yes, you heard it right. Rosemary Essential Oil has rich properties that tackle the infection on your skin. Spider bites on any part of your skin may induce inflammation and irritation on the skin leading to other skin infections. Thankfully Rosemary Essential oil combats all these skin concerns and immensely fights with the symptoms of spider bites.

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Essential oils are natural treatments to soothe spider bites and bug bites. If you are willing to see genuine results out of it, make sure to use it after proper dilution and check the purity of essential oils while buying. At Moksha Lifestyles you and organic essential oils and carrier oils for several skin conditions.

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