Vetiver Essential Oil: Your Skin's New BFF


An essential skincare ingredient that has immense benefits for your skin is a must-have in your skincare routine. Do you know which skincare ingredient we are talking about here? It is none other than Vetiver Essential oil. Vetiver as you all know is a type of root that is usually used in hot weather to provide cooling effects. Today, we will discuss the countless beauty benefits of Vetiver Essential oil for the skin and how it can be used most optimally for maximum benefits. The benefits of vetiver Essential oil are countless. From calming irritated and inflamed skin to bringing relief to Eczema and other severe skin conditions Vetiver Essential oil for skin is a perfect choice. Vetiver Essential Oil is added to several skincare and beauty products for its amazing cosmetic benefits. The non-allergic nature of Vetiver Essential oil acts as an all-rounder to provide instant relief to your skin.

Many people wonder how vetiver Essential oil is extracted and where it comes from. Let's have a look at the same. Vetiver Essential oil is extracted from the roots of the Vetiver plant. This plant is also known as khus which is a perennial grass and has aromatic benefits. It is majorly considered a prized possession because of its therapeutic qualities. Vetiver Essential oil is loaded with compounds that are great for your skin and serve as a natural remedy to tackle skin care concerns. This herb is also used in the making of traditional medicines as it helps to reduce purging. Not only this but Vetiver Essential oil is a perfect healing agent that not only meets skin conditions but also provides a cooling effect in your body that solves several health diseases.

Is Vetiver Essential oil safe for the skin?

As per Ayurvedic references and experts Vetiver Essential oil which is popularly known as khus is ideal for sensitive skin people. The Essential oil is safe for your skin as it is not too strong for the skin to bear. On the other hand, it serves as a cooling agent that visibly helps to reduce the appearance of open pores, tackles oily skin, nurtures your skin with hydration, and improves your complexion over time. Using vetiver Essential oil for the skin has negligible side effects what should we say it has no major effects if used in a diluted form.

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The soothing properties of Vetiver Essential oil come in handy as it reduces the inflammation on your skin and uplifts its appearance in the long run. Buy now it is pretty clear that Vetiver Essential oil can be used on skin safely in diluted form because of its many skincare benefits. Oh but do you know the major benefits of vetiver Essential oil for the skin? In the upcoming section we will discuss it in detail so let's get started.

1. Vetiver Essential oil for a glowing complexion

If you crave a glowing complexion that doesn't look too oily to handle and is simply the best kind of subtle skin then try out pure Vetiver Essential oil for skin. Vetiver is anciently classified as a skin-brightening herb by Ayurvedic experts. The Vetiver Essential oil extracted from the roots of Vetiver is loaded with essential phytochemicals that suppress the production of melanin in your skin. Further, Vetiver Essential oil can be included in your regular skincare routine to reduce acne scars and marks. It visibly brightens your skin tone and also diminishes suntan, darkness, and dullness around your skin. 

2. Vetiver Essential oil for dry skin

Dry skin beauties can pay attention here! It is time to explore the phenomenal benefits of Vetiver Essential oil for dry skin. Vetiver oil tackles dryness in your skin as it has moisturizing properties which intensely nourish dehydrated skin and provides relief from patchiness. A study in 2021 revealed that Vetiver Essential oil helps to replenish your skin and adds a burst of moisture to it. It is one of those herbs that helps to reactivate the development of new skin cells keeping your skin soft plump and hydrated.

3. Vetiver Essential oil for oily skin

Oily skin girls can gear up for the most underrated skincare ingredient that can help to rejuvenate their skin intensely. In this context, we are referring to Vetiver Essential oil for oily skin which not only serves as an excellent moisturizer but also balances the excess oil production in your skin. Oily skin people usually encounter a burst in the production of sebaceous glands in their skin which leads to greasiness and oily skin. However not anymore. Vetiver Essential oil is the perfect herb to deal with all oily skin issues. The herbal solution not only functions as an astringent in your skincare routine but also balances sebum production, reduces open pores, and tackles acne and pimple conditions. 

4. Vetiver Essential oil for Eczema


Are you dealing with Eczema Psoriasis or any other inflamed skin condition? If yes then whatever Essential oil is the one you need. Vetiver Essential oil for the skin can create a balance in the pitta dosha which is majorly responsible for the inflammatory issues on your skin. Once the dosha is balanced your skin starts to heal. Make sure to use Vetiver Essential oil for Eczema because it is rich in anti-inflammatory qualities which provides relief from skin irritation and redness. The cooling properties of Vetiver Essential oil are highly recommended for sensitive skin peeps as it hydrates the skin without being heavy. 

5. Vetiver Essential oil as an anti-aging treatment 

The barrier on your skin usually protects it from environmental pollutants and other factors but once the skin barrier is damaged it can lead to exposure to the environment which might increase aging effects including wrinkles fine lines, saggy skin, and under-eye bags. This can further induce inflammation and diminish the elasticity of your skin making it difficult to heal. Thankfully Vetiver Essential oil has antioxidant qualities along with hydrating properties which reconstructs the outer layer of your skin maintains the barrier and reduces the signs of aging.

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From major health benefits to serving as an excellent choice for your skincare, vetiver essential oil makes up the list of the best essential oils to include in your vanity. If you are on the urge to buy pure essential oils in India check out

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