Unmasking The Truth: Mandarin Oil And Dog Safety


While we all know how to identify the dangers in our pets’ environment, it’s important to recognize that there are some things in their environment that we cannot see. Mandarin oil is extracted from dried mandarin peels and has a sweet penetrating scent, used traditionally as a fragrance and flavoring agent for food products. It can be found in imported foods such as sauces, noodles, marinades, and fruit snacks; but also commonly used in natural home remedies like homemade cleaners or pet shampoos. It is non-toxic, and poisonous only when ingested in large amounts.

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Mandarin oil has been found in many common products including several brands of dog food. Knowing the effects of this smell on a sensitive pet can save your pet from suffering life-threatening health problems. Mandarin oil is obtained by chemically extracting the zest, and inner peel from sweet mandarin oranges, and is classified as an essential oil – a product derived from plants such as citrus fruits or flower petals which is used for its constituent chemicals to produce pharmacological effects. Many essential oils have been recognized for their fragrant smell and are used either alone or in combination with other fragrance additives to impart specific aromas.

Benefits of using mandarin oil for dogs

1) To lift the mood

The smell of mandarin essential oil is very pleasing to humans and its scent can help lift your dog’s mood to be more alert and playful.

2) It has a positive effect on reducing stress or tension

When dogs find themselves in uncomfortable situations, their stress levels will increase. Instead of reacting negatively when you have guests over, your dog may begin to bark or nip at the ankles of your family members. A simple trick to prevent this is by adding two drops of mandarin oil in 10ml of water and making it into an aromatic spray for your household. As the smell of the mandarin oil calms down your pet, their stress levels will lower along with the possibility of unwanted outbursts from them.

3) It strengthens the immune system

While your dog’s immune system is stronger than yours, they are still susceptible to common colds and flu viruses. The scent of mandarin oil is a stronger tonic against the common cold than eucalyptus oil.

4) Good for the digestive system

Dogs are more susceptible to gastric problems than humans and can have nasty bouts of diarrhea or indigestion. Mandarin Oil can help regulate your dog’s digestive system as well as prevent diarrhea and indigestion from occurring.

5) It has a good effect on the respiratory system

The effects of the scent of mandarin oil can calm irritated or overactive respiratory systems. It can also help relieve colds, asthma, and hay fever. Simply inhaling the scent of mandarin can help calm your dog down when they are excited or anxious.

6) It is very good for skin and hair care

The antibacterial properties of mandarin oil can kill germs and bacteria on your pet’s skin as well as in their ears. This allows the natural oils of the skin to absorb better; thus creating a healthier coat. Mandarin oil also helps sore muscles and joints by penetrating deep into their tissue for immediate relief. It can help with ear infections, cracked paws, or any chafing that your pet might have from running around outside in the cold weather.

7) It has a very pleasant smell

The scent of mandarin oil is considered to be the most effective aroma for boosting your dog’s mood. It also helps to mask any unwanted odors that they may be producing.

8) It strengthens the heart

The scent of mandarin oil can act as a tonic to help strengthen your dog’s heart and lungs.

9) It is a good aid for digestion

The smell of mandarin oil can help relax your dog’s stomach and intestines to reduce stomach pains and nausea.

10) It helps with respiratory infections

The scent of mandarin oil can help alleviate congestion; loosen phlegm; reduce coughing, and improve breathing. It has also been known to kill the bacteria that cause bacterial pneumonia.

11) It helps with balance issues

Your dog may be suffering from degenerative muscular or neurological diseases that may be lowering their balance. The scent of mandarin oil has been known to increase activity in the cerebellum, therefore increasing their balance.

How to use mandarin essential oil for dogs?


Step 1: Purchase a Mandarin essential oil at your local store. The best time to apply the oil will be after a bath when your dog is completely dry.

Step 2: Get an empty dropper bottle and add the mandarin essential oil to it. Make sure you only use a small amount of oil per application as this will help reduce the risk of any unwanted side effects. 5-7 drops should be enough for 8 ounces of water.

Step 3: Add an equal amount of warm water to your dropper bottle and mix well until the mandarin essential oil is dissolved into the water and is not visible anymore.

Step 4: Directly apply the solution to your dog’s face by putting the bottle on it and applying it for no more than 10 seconds.

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Step 5: Repeat this process as often as needed. If you notice that your dog is getting restless or losing their appetite, simply remove the solution and repeat the application later on. Mandarin oil works best in diluting situations, where a necessity of stronger solutions exists for your pet; so be sure to consult with your vet about anything unusual that may be happening to your pet while using this solution.


1) What is the typical dosage of mandarin essential oil for dogs?

The standard dosage of mandarin essential oil is 10-20 drops. It can be mixed with water and sprayed on your dog’s body, face, and ears and also on their bedding. You can also add it to a carrier oil to give it additional benefits on skin, hair, or coat.

2) Are there any side effects of using mandarin essential oil?

There are no known negative side effects from using this essential oil, but it is always best to consult with your vet before applying it to your dog. Because of its strong smell, you will want to use it with caution as it may cause your dog to become uneasy or even scared. It is best to limit the amount of times that you apply mandarin essential oil to no more than once a day. Do not use more than three consecutive days and never combine it with any medications that your dog is regularly taking.

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