Sensual Aromatherapy: Best Essential Oils That Fuel Your Sex Drive


Want to boost Your sex drive but nothing seems to be working? Don't worry we have a lot of options for you today so keep on reading as you will find your perfect match in this blog. Many people these days including men and women feel that they are not sexually active with their partner at times. This might be due to several reasons or changes in hormones but low sex drive can lead to a bunch of problems and issues between a couple. You must know how to set the right tone of sexual desires and love in your life to attract your partner and feel good with them. A study reported in 2018 revealed that more than one-third of women aged between 19 to 50 suffer from the problem of low sex drive. Some of the major reasons that provoke this problem are serious relationship issues, mental and emotional stress physical problems low libido stress, and anxiety.

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And to our surprise, no pill or miracle formula works flawlessly to cure this problem. Thankfully the traditional and holistic approaches to improving low sex drive are now available. Are you wondering what we are talking about? We have one of the best solutions to your problem which is aromatherapy. The essential oils for sex drive are great for people who suffer from this problem as they work to enhance your pleasurable time and keep you stuck to the feeling of sexual desire. Essential oils create a mind-boggling impact in your relationship as it leads you to unforgettable intimate and sexual moments with your partner which you can cherish for your entire life. You just need to have a whip of the fragrance of the best essential oils for low sex drive and that's it you are done. The miracle essential oils for sex drive create excitement, romance, love, and passion in your partner which balances your hormones and makes you think about your loved ones frequently. Make sure to enlighten your room with candles, romantic music, chill vibes, a passionate environment, and a bunch of essential oils for a long sex drive. By just doing all this you can be assured of the best moments coming your way while you are in your bedroom.

Best Essential Oils For Low Sex Drive

If you are keen to know what essential oils are good for low sex drive then keep on reading as will share the top 6 of them which work like a charm to enhance your sexual experience.

1. Rose Essential Oil

When talking about love, sex, and desires one cannot ignore the aphrodisiac effects of rose essential oil. There is a reason why newlyweds enjoy their first night among the petals of roses and their rooms feeling like a garden full of flowers and especially roses. Rose Essential Oil is used by Egyptian duties in their bathing routine to enhance sexual pleasure and soothe the senses. Rose essential oil is one of the best essential oils for low sex drive in females as it binds them in love. The relaxing and calming properties of Rose Essential oil work through the heart chakra of your body which reduces anxiety and nervousness related to low sex drive. So, if you are looking for essential oils for menopause and low sex drive then definitely consider Rose Essential oil as your top priority.

2. Sandalwood Essential Oil

The best essential oils for the male sex drive include sandalwood Essential oil. Sandalwood Essential oil has a musky, woody, and earthy aroma which creates a desire for sexual feelings in your mind and then helps it to keep flowing to your body. Sandalwood Essential oil blends well with frankincense, basil, lavender, and rose essential oil. When mixed with these essential oils, it improves the chances of physical intimacy between you and your partner and creates a room of romance and erotic pleasures. You start using sandalwood essential oil to increase sex drive for men, there is no going back. Make sure to use sandalwood essential oil in a specified quantity to experience miraculous benefits.

3. Clove Bud Essential Oil

Clove Essential Oil is very famous for people who suffer from the problem of low sex drive. Several people suffer from anxiety, depression, and nervousness before their intimate session because of a lack of confidence and power in the relationship. Such issues may lead to low sex drive and this in turn can ruin your bedroom fun extensively. Thanks to Clove Essential oil which helps to reduce and eventually eradicate the feeling of depression, nervousness, and pressure. Clove Essential Oil is a perfect stimulant that helps to increase your romantic pleasures and passion so that you experience a bomb-blasting sex drive. So, if you are looking for miracle essential oils for sex drive then Clove Essential oil might become your best friend in the long run.

4. Patchouli Essential Oil

Did you know that patchouli essential oil is a perfect option for low sex drive in females? The floral scent of patchouli essential oil is oh-so calming. It is a blend of musky, pungent, and spicy aromas which appeal to and seduces women to a great extent. One of the best essential oils for women's sex drive, patchouli oil helps to alleviate signs of depression and anxiety before sexual intercourse. The uplifting properties of this essential oil refresh your mood and keep you happy and joyful to enjoy a good session in your bedroom. If you are wondering what essential oils can blend with patchouli oil then you can try lavender, geranium, clary sage, peppermint, or even vetiver oil for that purpose. Just mix any of these essential oils with patchouli essential oil to create a soothing and relaxing environment in your bedroom and two increase your sex drive.

5. Jasmine Essential Oil


Floral essential oils never fail to surprise us with their exquisite, astounding, and beneficial properties. Jasmine Essential Oil is one of the best essential oils for low sex drive as it has aphrodisiac properties that create a powerful impact on men and women before their actual match. The erotic feeling that Jasmine Essential oil creates in your mind and senses is definitely out of the world. You might have heard of people using Jasmine Essential oil to create seductive and voluptuous vibes in their bedrooms for enhanced sex drive. Studies have revealed that Jasmine Essential oil has been used for ages to improve sex drive as it helps to boost confidence and eliminates stress and nervousness. Not only this, but Jasmine Essential oil also has warming and sexual properties that induce the release of sexual hormones in your body leading to a hardcore sex drive.

6. Lavender Essential Oil

How can we forget the holy grail of many people out there which is lavender essential oil? Lavender Essential oil stands to be one of the best essential oils for male sex drive as it has soothing and relaxing effects which helps to boost and uplift your mood in your bedroom. The oil comes with multiple properties which relax your muscles and nerves and calm your mind for a better sex drive. The lack of self-confidence that always stays on your mind before sexual intercourse can be eliminated by using lavender essential oil for low sex drive. Lavender essential Oil encourages the feeling of confidence self-belief and assurance and keeps anxiety and stress at bay. Get ready to relish a bunch of emotions during your sexual drive by diffusing lavender Essential oil in your bedroom.

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Well, it's a wrap. We hope you find this series useful. If you did, check out the best essential oils for libido which are a game changer in your routine. Check out Moksha Lifestyle International for more information.

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