Is It Safe To Use Lavender Oil Around Cats?


Lavender oil is a sweet-smelling essential oil that comes from the flowers of the lavender plant. It has become popular for its calming, sleep-inducing, and pleasant smell. Lavender has been used in aromatherapy to help with insomnia, anxiety, depression, and stress. But as it turns out — you may want to use caution when using lavender around cats! Lavender is said to have been used in ancient times as a calming and soothing herb for insomnia. It has also been used in people's homes to sweeten the air and help soothe irritated throats.

But, when it comes to pets particularly cats, it is the most toxic one. Lavender oil is toxic to cats as it holds a very strong aroma. The essential oil can lead to irritation and agitation in cats. The concentration of lavender plant which offers pure lavender oil is deadly for your little ones. The essential oil might lead to several diseases in cats including vomiting, diarrhea, and weakness.

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Lavender has an ancient history of being used as a natural beauty product, especially to soften and cleanse rough, dry skin. At one point, it was also believed that lavender was good for headaches. Lavender oil has been used for centuries, mainly with humans. However, studies have recently been conducted to determine whether lavender oil may be good for cats! Essential Oils are extracted from plants through the use of steam distillation. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in massage, soaps and lotions. These oils can help relieve stress and aid in relaxation when inhaled or applied to the skin.

Is Lavender Essential Oil Safe For Cats?

Lavender is considered safe for people to use. However, unless you are a licensed aromatherapist, it's best to avoid using it around your cats! While lavender oil has no serious side effects when used in small amounts on humans, some experts say that it could be harmful to both dogs and cats. In small amounts, lavender oil is considered safe for dogs — just as it is for humans. However, some experts believe that high concentrations of safe lavender oils, like those found in the skin care products and soaps that are intended for people who have allergies to the substance, could be harmful to cats. When something is applied to your pet's skin, it creates a dual reaction.

When you apply topical skin care products onto your pet, they are inhaling the product, which has an effect similar to that of a cleaning agent. This can cause your pet's skin to overproduce natural oils that are normally used to defend the body, like sebum. If you have a cat who exhibits reactions to lavender oil, be sure to ask your veterinarian before using lavender products on him. 

Cats are shy babies. They do not lick or show love absurdly like dogs. So, it is important to keep lavender oil away from your cats. The noxious effects of lavender oil might damage the health of your cats leading to serious liver issues.



1) High Level Of Toxicity

Did you know that lavender Essential oil has a very toxic feel to it? Fret not as it is not for human beings but only for cats. But alas, Lavender oil lovers would have to resist using the Essential oil around their loving cats. Essential oil has a toxic effect on your cats even if it is sprayed, diffused, or used in oil form. All of these forms of Essential oil vary in the degree of toxicity to the cats. So, it is very important to restrict the exposure of your cats to lavender oil diffusers.

2) Sensitive To Cats

Cats are very tricky at times. But when it comes to Essential oil they become alert and susceptible. Yes, you heard it right. While lavender is dreadful for your cats, they can easily swallow it without knowing its severe effects on their body. Cats suspect essential oils faster than any other species of animals. It is because they lack a particular enzyme in their body that helps them neutralize various drugs including essential oils. Cats can simply take off other substances that are applied to their fur and might also ingest the Essential oil. It becomes very important to keep your cats away from Lavender oil.

3) Deadly For Their Health

Another major side effect of lavender Essential oil for cats is being fatal to their internal system. While this might sound extremely murderous the reality is truly the same. Many people try using lavender Essential oil in a diffuser or spray form around their cats or in their house for that instantly soothing floral Aroma. Little did they know that even though these forms ooze low levels of Lavender oil, they can still make a place in your cat's respiratory system. A study has demonstrated that lavender essential oil has no clear evidence of being safe for your cats or pets in general. So if in case you try to diffuse lavender Essential oil around your cats be sure of the dreadful effects that it comes with.

4) Triggers Respiratory Issues

Lavender Essential oil is toxic to your cats and may lead to serious respiratory diseases. Cats are extremely sensitive and delicate to fragrances, particularly essential oils. So applying it topically on your cats for using it in a diffuser form may lead to agitation in the lungs. This may also trigger asthma and may cause problems in breathing. So it is better to avoid lavender Essential oil around your cats.

5) Lavender Poisoning

One of the insanely virulent effects of lavender Essential oil on cats is lavender poisoning. Does this sound new to you? Well, lavender poisoning is very common in cats especially when your cats lick the oil or swallow lavender plants by any chance. If your cat has eaten lavender plant or oil you might notice several symptoms such as nausea, weakness, vomiting, and loss of appetite. Ingestion of the plant might lead to severe side effects and may cause lavender poisoning in cats. The lavender plant or even oil for that matter is loaded with linalyl acetate and Linalool. Both of these compounds are very strong and may lead to gastrointestinal issues in your cats. Even if you try to dilute the oil with water or any carrier oil, it might still upset your cat's stomach. It is better to make your cats stay away from lavender plants, oil, or anything made out of lavender.

How To Treat Lavender Poisoning In Cats?

If you notice your cat behaving differently or suffering from any health issue make sure to consult a veterinarian. Do not try any home remedies or even do not make your cat puke the Essential oil as it might damage their digestive tract. The certified veterinarians are skilled to perform a full body physical test for your cat. It also includes the blood report and urine analysis of your pet. The entire analysis reveals the full condition of your cats and how lavender Essential oil can be toxic for them. The veterinarian also gives reports on the kidney or liver damage of your cats if any. Apart from this, a special treatment plan is also provided by the veterinarian which has all the basic habits that pet owners should follow.

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1) Is lavender oil dangerous for dogs?

Lavender oil is not dangerous for dogs, but it can cause allergic reactions. When using lavender oil on your dog, you should dilute it with a carrier oil, like coconut or olive. You should also be careful if your pet has an existing skin condition or is overweight. Finally, if you notice that your dog isn't cleaning himself as much after you apply the lavender oil, be sure to discontinue use.

2) Does lavender oil kill fleas?

It's been known to repel fleas, but it isn't as effective as the chemical over-the-counter products. You can combine it with a carrier oil and use it to treat your dog's skin if you don't mind a little lavender smell on him. Also, don't forget to vacuum and wash your dog's bedding regularly if you are using this remedy.

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