Restless No More: Essential Oils For Calming Legs

Suffering from the problem of restless legs? In medical terms, we call it RLS. RLS is Restless Leg Syndrome which affects a large group of people. It not only makes your legs restless but also provokes anxiety and stress. Even though this is not something to worry crazily about, many people still suffer a lot in this condition and need proper treatment for the same. A lot of people these days rely on medication and specifically painkillers and relievers which soothe the pain at the moment and cause dreadful suffering afterwards. Well, no more because we have the best natural way to treat restless leg syndrome. We are talking about essential oils for restless legs.

Restless Leg Syndrome RLS is a rebellious condition that causes constant pain and sensation in your legs which provokes them to move again and again. Many people suffer from RLS including children and adults. Pregnant women also go through RLS during their pregnancy and even after that. RLS does not carry specific symptoms but we know about some of them.

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Here are some of the major symptoms of signs of restless leg syndrome which many people go through:

  • The constant moving of legs, arms, and even torso
  • Tingling sensation in legs
  • The extreme urge to move legs constantly
  • Discomfort in legs
  • Thumping, yanking, and tingling sensation in legs

And the list goes on. As per studies and research, Restless Leg Syndrome is directly linked to insomnia. The constant urge to move your legs might result in a lack of sleep which in turn gives birth to millions of problems. More than 88% of people these days suffer from a lack of sleep due to RLS prompting at night. Once you lay down on the bed, the symptoms of Restless leg syndrome emerge like anything and make you high-strung which eventually disturbs your sleeping pattern. So, in such cases, you need essential oils for restless legs.

Top 5 Essential Oils For Restless Legs

Your search for natural methods to treat restless legs ends here. We have a bunch of options of essential oils for restless legs during pregnancy that work like a charm and instantly calms your legs thereby giving a good sleep and atmosphere. So, without any further ado let's have a look at the best essential oils for restless legs:

1. Peppermint Essential Oil - Essential Oils For Restless Legs In Children

How many of you are aware of the relaxing and cooling properties of peppermint essential oil? Well, peppermint essential oil is one of the best essential oils for restless legs as it promotes healing faster than ever. Peppermint essential oil has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and pain-relieving properties that tackle the discomfort and pain that comes with restless leg syndrome. Apart from this, peppermint essential oil also relieves soreness and ache in muscles by providing a relaxing feeling. Also, you cannot miss that peppermint essential oil also contains menthol which acts as a nourishing and cooling agent to your skin. 

2. Rosemary Essential Oil 

The internal usage of essential oils for restless legs is a great way to relieve the symptoms of RLS and tackle sleep issues. Thanks to Rosemary essential oil which can be used as an ideal mate to calm your nerves and soothe your muscle pain. Rosemary essential oil also has antibacterial, antispasmodic, and analgesic properties that give a warming effect on your skin thereby easing the constant sentiment of moving your legs.

Rosemary is widely used in many painkillers and medications because of its warming properties. Not only this, the herbal essential oil for muscle pain also helps you sleep peacefully kudos to its natural relaxant properties.

3. Lavender Essential Oil

Nothing beats the multipurpose properties of lavender essential oil for restless legs. If you are suffering from tingling, throbbing, and constant moving of your legs then you have to buy lavender essential oil for restless legs. You just need a few drops of lavender essential oil in a tub of warm water. Gently soak your feet in the tub of warm water and you will feel relaxed instantly. This is one of the best essential oils recipes for restless legs.

Lavender essential oil is known for its anti-inflammatory, calming, soothing, analgesic, and antibacterial properties. All these properties of lavender essential oil contribute to soothing your muscles and relieving pain as soon as possible.

4. Frankincense Essential Oil For Restless Leg Syndrome

Welcome this wonderfully effective frankincense essential oil for restless leg syndrome. If you are allergic to strong essential oils and want to use a calming and relaxing one then frankincense essential oil is a perfect option. Frankincense essential oil has natural relaxant properties that work like a therapy for Restless Leg Syndrome. The antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties relax your muscles and sore joints which restricts the habit of moving your legs constantly. Not only this, but frankincense essential oil also relaxes your mind and tackles signs of stress, anxiety, and depression, Since all these lead to insomnia, frankincense essential oil tackles all like a PRO. If you are keen to use frankincense essential oil for restless legs then simply add a few drops of frankincense essential oil in warm water and have a bath with it. This recipe works like magic and tackles restless legs syndrome.

5. Vetiver Essential Oil For Restless Legs During Pregnancy

There is no way you can ignore Vetiver essential oil for restless legs during pregnancy. Vetiver essential oil is packed with relaxing, stimulant, sedative and calming properties that instantly soothe your nerves while keeping pain and discomfort at bay. It also works like a PRO to reduce muscle aches and eliminate the problem of restless legs syndrome. You just need to be consistent while using vetiver essential oil for restless legs. The aroma of vetiver essential oil is very soothing and gives you good sleep without any stress.

How To Use Essential Oils For Restless Legs?

How To Use Essential Oils For Restless Legs?

Wondering about the ways to use essential oils for restless legs? Well, we have got you covered. Try these essential oils recipes for restless legs and you are sorted for the time being.

Recipe 1 - Soothing Body Lotion


  • Any moisturizer or body lotion,
  • 5 drops of vetiver essential oil,
  • 5 drops of peppermint essential oil,
  • 4 drops of marjoram essential oil, and
  • 2-3 drops of rose water.


  • In a bowl combine all the essential oils. 
  • Now add your regular body lotion to it.
  • At last, add a few drops of rose water to it and mix it well.
  • Once everything is mixed, transfer it to a glass jar and apply this mixture before bed.
  • You will see the results after regular application.

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