Postpartum Pampering Best Essential Oils For After Birth

Aromatherapy is mostly a scientific theory and an artistic expression in which essential oils obtained from natural plants are used for medical reasons. Essential oils are derived from different plant parts and are used in cosmetics and personal care products and spa treatments. When it is used all through childbirth, labor, motherhood, and postnatal care, aromatherapy could assist with both physiological and mental problems, such as back muscle pain and nervous tension. The essential oils for birth are definitely the best ones for the entire mother community out there.

Aromatherapy seems to be the rebalancing of active compounds within every essential oil, offering them their unique characteristics. It is composed of highly intense and temperamental materials. The research of the encounter of essential oils inside the internal organs thus determines whether they are reliable to be used for therapeutic reasons or understand their cytotoxic activity when mishandled.

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The best essential oils for after birth are great to stabilize mental balance and physical strength. Women these days suffer from afterbirth pain a lot. So to treat it, the best essential oils for after-birth pain are included in the routine and a great to use in the form of a diffuser blend or using it by making a DIY calming and soothing tonic.

Best Essential Oils For Birth

1. Peppermint Essential Oil

We recently found that peppermint essential oil is one of the best essential oils for labor and pregnancy. Many women use peppermint essential oil due to its cooling and soothing properties. A survey has revealed that 50% of women use peppermint essential oil during the first trimester of their pregnancy to calm their mental anxiousness and terminate stress. Peppermint essential oil has a compound known as menthol which has cooling properties that instantly refresh your mind. The fragrance of peppermint essential oil keeps women focused during their birth and also during the contractions and labor pain induced at the time of pregnancy. A pregnant woman goes through a lot and some of the health concerns that she faces include nausea, congestion, muscle pain, joint pain, and headache. Peppermint essential oil, in this case, is a savior as it helps to release muscle aches and reduces after-birth pain.

2. Jasmine Essential Oil For After-Birth Pain

Did you know that Jasmine essential oil is a therapy when used by a pregnant woman to relieve stress and other forms of tension? In the initial stages of pregnancy and labor pain, Jasmine essential oil is a perfect pick as its smells gorgeous and helps you to feel nature and jolly in a few seconds. Jasmine oil is widely known to induce happy hormones and it also helps the mom to be to feel good in no time. If you are someone who adores the fragrance of jasmine in general then you will love inhaling it via diffuser blends or through a relaxing spa treatment. Researchers have found that Jasmine essential oil is very safe for labor and birth and it also helps to reduce depression symptoms and nervousness during one's pregnancy time.

3. Lavender Essential Oil For Pregnancy And Labor

If there is one essential oil that a woman needs during her pregnancy then we suggest you get your hands on lavender essential oil for after birth. Lavender essential oil is everyone's favorite especially pregnant women as it has calming properties that improve relaxation and induce a happy mood. During pregnancy or after birth women face the problem of insomnia or lack of sleeplessness which makes them tired and irritated throughout the day. All glory to lavender essential oil for labor and pregnancy which works as a perfect treatment to keep you sane during intense labor pain and even during childbirth. The calming and relaxing properties of lavender essential oil for after birth makes it a must-have during pregnancy time. 

4. Citrus Essential Oils For AfterBirth

If you are a mommy-to-be then you might know that pregnant women love experiencing and tasting sour fruit and food items. Citrus fruits like kiwi, pineapple, orange, and many others are loved by pregnant women during their first and second trimesters. Citrus fruits have this amazing tendency of relaxing and soothing one's irritated and very fluctuating mood swings. However citrus essential oil oils are a great addition to your routine as it encourages a burst of peace, energy, and strength in your mind. It instantly makes you feel awakened and the uplifting aroma refreshes your body and mind. The widely used essential oils for tearing at birth is an orange essential oil and Mandarin essential oil. They are amazing because they keep you calm during labor pain and after birth pains. 

5. Frankincense Essential Oil

One of the widely recognized and popular essential oil for birth is frankincense essential oil! This one combined with lavender essential oil performs well for all the pregnant women out there. Frankincense essential oil reduces labor pain, relieves stress, tackles muscle pain, and reduces inflammation to a great extent. Pregnant women and mostly midwives use frankincense essential oil diluted with a carrier oil on the mother's tummy to get the baby moving and to make the process easier and more comfortable.

Frankincense essential oil is usually considered safe for pregnant women but, a patch test is always recommended in case of serious issues.

How To Use Essential Oils For Birth?

If you are wondering how to use essential oils for birth and labor then, here's the best way to use them.

Recipe 1 - Soothing Massage Oil



  • In a bowl, add coconut oil.
  • Now pour all the essential oils as mentioned above in the ingredient list.
  • Now mix it well.
  • Now pour it into a roller bottle and you can also transfer it to a bottle for massaging it.
  • Now massage this therapeutic oil on your tummy or for afterbirth pain.

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    Voila! We have finally approached the end of this series. Honestly, essential oils for birth are a tremendous addition to your routine as it encourages the chances of normal delivery and tackles after-birth concerns like mood swings and muscle pain. Get your hands on the best essential oils for birth at

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