Lavender Oil For Bruises: Does It Work?


People have been using lavender oil for a variety of purposes, such as aromatherapy and medicinal treatments. It is often used as a natural alternative to products such as ice, which can sometimes be painful to use. Lavender oil is often used for bruises, especially in children with eczema. It has an antibacterial effect, and treatment with lavender oil might speed up healing time and lessen the chance of developing a bacterial infection. We believe that lavender oil for bruises would not only be beneficial to the skin but also to the overall health of its users.

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Lavender oil has been used as a medicinal substance for over two thousand years, and this is likely due to its antiseptic properties. Some studies have proved that lavender essential oil can be used not only as an antiseptic agent but also as a natural antibiotic. This means that lavender essential oil can kill off bacteria while keeping other microorganisms in check. We must know which bacteria are present on the skin to prevent infections like staphylococci and candida where foreign microbes could penetrate the body through open wounds.

Benefits Of Using Lavender Oil For Bruises:

1) For Pain Relief

The lavender essential oil has been used for pain relief. It works by dilating blood vessels to lessen swelling and swelling in the tissues. By dilating blood vessels, lavender essential oil helps blood flow better throughout the body and keeps the affected area of the body warm. This improves circulation and makes it easier to prevent infection while reducing pain.

2) For Bruises

Lavender oil is a natural antiseptic. It is gentle enough to be used on an open wound, and it acts as a powerful agent against harmful bacteria of which there could be many on the skin. The antibacterial properties of lavender essential oil can keep the skin free from infections that might cause itching and redness.

3) As An Alternative To Ice

Injury or bruising occurs when blood vessels are damaged. This often leads to inflammation and swelling in the affected area which in turn increases pain and causes further damage to nerve endings. Lavender oil can be used to keep the injured area warm, thus minimizing swelling and pain. It is not as painful to use as ice and may give the person some relief if they need medical attention.

4) As A Moisturizer

Lavender essential oil has been shown to promote wound healing, which can also reduce the swelling of an open wound during an injury. It also helps promote faster healing time by removing toxins from the body and stimulating new tissue growth. This makes lavender oil perfect for use on open wounds, especially on those who have become infected because of a poor immune system. Lavender is known to be toxic to pregnant women and should not be used on them. Although lavender oil is safe for the skin, it is toxic to the nervous system because of its antiseptic properties. It is recommended that pregnant women do not use it unless their doctor has given permission. If you are pregnant and would like to try using lavender oil, look for oils that have been certified as pesticide-free. 

5) As A Carrier For Other Ingredients

Lavender essential oil is very easy to use and does not cause any allergic reactions. It can be used as a carrier for other ingredients such as witch hazel that promote healing. Therefore, lavender oil can reduce the need for expensive medical treatment and medication and may even prevent an infection from developing altogether if used correctly. 

6) For Everyday Use

Lavender essential oil is known to be good for dispersing negative energy from the body. It can also dispel bad memories, which means it can help people heal from emotional wounds that may have occurred in the past. This is why you will often find certain bath salts with lavender oil. It has a calming effect on the person and helps to clear their mind. However, it is important to note that lavender oil should not be applied directly on the skin, because it can irritate. This oil can also interact negatively with certain medications; so check with your doctor before using it. Lavender essential oil can be used in several ways, including a massage and in a bath for relieving stress and pain, but there are many more uses for this amazing essential oil that you may not have thought of before now. Many people use this natural substance to help heal bruises that they receive after falling or being injured in some way.

7) For Skin And Hair

Lavender oil has been known to help heal the skin and promote healthy hair growth. When used topically for the skin, it promotes cell renewal and helps to moisturize dry, damaged skin. It even helps to balance oily skin conditions by controlling the formation of excess sebum on the skin. Also, lavender essential oil works as an anti-inflammatory agent to reduce swelling in muscles, joints, and bones. It can also be used for controlling itching caused by insect bites or dermatitis and relieving joint pain caused by arthritis.

How To Use Lavender Essential Oil For Bruises?


Step 1: Gently massage lavender essential oil on the affected area. 

Step 2: Massage for a few minutes to allow the lavender oil to penetrate deep into the skin.

Step 3: When you notice swelling, reduce the time of massage so that less swelling will occur and you will have more time to enjoy some downtime before going about your day.

Step 4: Lavender essential oil can also be added to bathwater, especially if it is hot. The heat from the water makes this oil even more effective in promoting circulation and healing in the affected area. It should always be used with caution because it can be toxic if used in the wrong way or on a pregnant person.

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Step 5: Always read the container carefully for instructions on how to use the lavender oil for bruises.

Step 6: Do not use lavender essential oil on skin that is broken or on cuts.


1) How long will it take for the bruise to go away?

It depends on the severity of the bruise. For mild to moderate bruising, some people notice a significant change in their bruises if they apply lavender oil directly to it 3 times a day.

2) Is lavender essential oil safe for pregnancy?

Lavender is known to be toxic to pregnant women and should not be used on them. Lavender oil is safe for babies just like any essential oils that are out there today.

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