Juniper Berry Oil: The Secret To Luscious Hair


Juniper berry oil is a valuable oil produced from the berries of the juniper plant. This oil has been used for centuries as a cleansing and healing agent in many forms of herbal medicine. It's believed that Juniper Berry Oil is effective at treating many types of skin conditions and hair problems such as dandruff, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and scalp alopecia. It is also used to treat ringworm and even impetigo. It has also been used topically for inflammation in the scalp, including a specific type of alopecia known as psoriasis. Juniper Berry Oil is beneficial in healing cuts and wounds due to its pain-killing effect. The scent of the oil is described as being mildly piney or forestry, with a subtle sweetness.

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Juniper Berry Oil acts to cleanse the hair and scalp by attracting and binding toxins in the hair and scalp. This helps prevent an overabundance of dead skin cells, sebum, perspiration, bacteria, dirt, oils, and even microscopic parasites from building up on the surface of the skin at the scalp. Juniper Berry Oil is used as a carrier oil because it makes for a great carrier oil for other essential oils that have different properties than juniper berry oil. It can be used in skincare formulas to help clarify or make treatments penetrate the skin better.

Benefits Of Using Juniper Berry Oil For Hair:

1) Strong Healthy Hair

Juniper berry oil has a variety of essential vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin A, C, D, E, and B complex. It contains high amounts of silica which helps strengthen the base cells in the hair follicles. Hair starts breaking if you have weak and thin hair due to a lack of silicic acid. When these are added back to the hair with juniper berry oil it can make your hair stronger and prevent breakage from occurring.

2) Grow Long Shiny Healthy Hair

Juniper berry oil prevents your hair from losing its natural oils by acting as a barrier and locking in moisture. It also can increase hair growth when used regularly. It's important to know that even if you have the healthiest hair, it will still break off at times. If you massage a little juniper berry oil into your scalp before shampooing, it can help strengthen and grow your hair.

3) Overcome Dandruff

Juniper berry oil is good for getting rid of dandruff when massaged on the affected areas. It can also help treat dry and itchy scalp conditions like psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. Rub a few drops of this oil at night into the scalp area to get quick relief from itching and flaking which will make it easier to comb through your hair in the morning.

4) Itchy Scalp

Juniper berry oil can be used as a moisturizer and helps soothe the scalp and relieve itchy, dry skin that plagues many people. Rub a few drops of this oil into the scalp area before bedtime or apply an oil to your hair instead of a hair conditioner.

5) Scalp Infection

Juniper berry oil is helpful in healing hair loss caused by scalp infection or dandruff. This will also help prevent any future problems with either one from occurring. It has been stated by many people who have tried juniper berry oil for dandruff that it got rid of their problem almost immediately without any side effects or adverse effects.

6) Hair Loss

Juniper berry oil may not reverse hair loss but it can help stop further hair loss. It has also been reported that some people have been able to regrow their hair back on the scalp after using this oil. Many people have also reported that juniper berry oil worked better than just using an ordinary shampoo for their problem with hair loss.

7) Hair Breakage

Juniper berry oil can help stop your hair from breaking off at the ends. It has also been reported by many women that it makes your hair appear to be more healthy, shiny, and vibrant when used regularly. It's also great for use on color-treated hair because it helps maintain your color.

8) Chemicals In Hair

Juniper berry oil will bind to chemicals in the scalp area and help eliminate them. It has a cleansing effect by binding to toxins that are present in the scalp and hair follicles. This helps prevent pollutants and other types of chemicals from being absorbed into the body through the skin and eventually can cause problems with bodily organs.

9) Dandruff Treatment

Juniper berry oil has been used for years as a treatment for dandruff on both men and women when massaged into the scalp weekly or bi-weekly using it with shampoo or just by itself. It helps to heal the scalp from bad skin conditions as well as dandruff.

10) Psoriasis Treatment

Juniper berry oil can be used for several types of psoriasis because it has antifungal and antimicrobial properties which are good for dry skin. It can be used topically on the scalp or mixed with shampoo to use in conditioner.

How To Use Juniper Berry Essential Oil For Hair?


Step 1: Add a few drops of oil into your hands (do not cut or dilute the oil).

Step 2: Massage into your scalp using upward and outward movements.

Step 3: Rinse out with lukewarm water with a mild shampoo. These oils can be used as a natural shampoo in combination with other ingredients but it is better to use it as an addition to shampoo.

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Step 4: Repeat the process daily.

Juniper berry essential oil can be used on all hair types but has been reported to be especially beneficial for women who are going through menopause and have trouble growing their hair back in during their time of decline.


1) How do you use this oil?

Juniper berry oil can be used in several different ways for different purposes. It works best when applied to the scalp area while massaging into the scalp and then rinsing with lukewarm water after. You can also massage a few drops onto your hands and apply them to the scalp area or mix them with a shampoo recipe. Use any of these methods on problem areas for best results: Dandruff, folliculitis, psoriasis, or dry skin. You can also use this oil as a hair tonic by mixing it with other oils such as rosemary, lavender, coconut oil, jojoba oil, or olive oil to create a hair rinse/tonic.

2) Is it safe for children to use this oil?

Yes. It is very safe if used properly and the amount is stuck to the recommended dosage. 3-5 drops can be used on any part of skin safely but it should never be used on infants under 2 years of age due to the high risk of allergies. If you want to use juniper berry oil for babies, dilute a few drops with carrier oil and massage into the scalp or all over the body as needed.

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