Hair Hero Or Hazard? Unmasking Cade Oil


Extracted from juniper seeds, cade oil is a light yellowish liquid with an earthy, woody smell. It's prized for its astringent qualities and is often used in shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and other beauty products. A versatile ingredient for any DIY-er, cade oil can also be used to make candles and crafts like soap making or cooking (though it has a high boiling point). It is also used in the food industry, most notably as a flavoring agent in sausages and liquors. Although it is generally safe when handled properly, cade oil can be dangerous if used improperly. Astringents work well on oily skin by contracting pores and tightening follicles to prevent excess oil from reaching the surface of the skin.

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Cade oil has the additional benefit of containing antibacterial properties, which help to prevent acne — unlike astringent ingredients that can make acne worse over time. However, cade oil can pose some health risks if not used correctly in cosmetics, medicine, and food. Juniper berries are used as flavoring agents to create a variety of foods and herbal remedies in many cultures around the world. While juniper has many benefits (including antioxidant properties), some varieties contain a substance called coniferous alcohol.

Benefits of using cade oil for hair

1) For dandruff care

Cade oil is an effective ingredient in hair products for dandruff. It has astringent properties that help to reduce excess moisture and extra oil from the scalp. It also promotes hair growth by preventing the proliferation of bacteria that can trigger dandruff. Cade oil works well in combination with other ingredients, such as tea tree and rosemary essential oils for a complete anti-dandruff treatment.

2) For hair loss

Cade oil is a good choice for anyone struggling with hair loss, not just those with dandruff. Its high concentrations of essential fatty acids can help to seal in moisture, making hair more manageable and easier to style without weighing it down.

3) For dry scalp

Cade oil can be a great choice for people with dry scalp and dandruff. Because it is an organic substance, cade oil helps to maintain the health of the scalp and may help to regrow hair. It is also a good choice for people with sensitive skin as it will not irritate the scalp. Cade oil can be applied directly to the scalp before getting out of bed or after shampooing. 

4) For hair growth

Cade oil helps promote hair growth by sealing in moisture and strengthening follicles. It prevents hair from becoming brittle, dry, and unmanageable, and also helps to thicken hair.

5) For shiny hair

Cade oil has astringent properties that help it act like a toner for the scalp when applied topically. Some people use it to control excessive oil production, which helps to maintain the health and shine of their hair.

6) For taming frizz

Cade oil helps to add moisture and strength to the hair, preventing it from becoming damaged and frizzy. It is a good ingredient for styling products because it will not weigh hair down.

7) For healthy skin

Cade oil is a natural astringent that can be used as a toner for oily skin. It removes excess oils and kills bacteria on the surface of the scalp and face, which helps to prevent acne or other skin conditions.

8) For sunburn relief

Cade oil can be used to treat sunburn. It has antibacterial properties that help to control excess oil and prevent the pain associated with sunburn. 

9) For soothing aching muscles

It is a good ingredient for homemade beauty products because it has anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe aching muscles and joints. 

10) For all-day energy

Cade oil contains a high concentration of essential fatty acids, which are important for long-term energy production. You can use cade oil to make homemade body oils or lotions.

How to use cade oil for hair?

How to use cade oil for hair?

Step 1: If you are making an oil, you will have to heat the cade oil in a pot. When it is heated, mix the perfume with it then store it in a pump bottle as an oil for hair. You can use this oil for several months.

Step 2: If you are making the lotion, mix the Cade oil with water at ¾ water to 1/3 Cade oil ratio. Heat until warm and then add flower and fragrance oils with 1 drop to 3 drops of perfume. Stir well before you put it into the bottle for storage. This all-natural cade oil can be used for up to 2 years from the date of manufacture or 20 days after opening if stored properly in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Step 3: Apply this code oil directly into your hair scalp after shampooing. You can also massage your scalp with this cade oil for at least 2 minutes before washing it.

Step 4: After you wash your hair, apply cade oil as a treatment. You can apply this cade oil directly to your scalp or massage it into the roots of your hair.

Step 5: Put the shampoo that you used before on a cotton ball and then put it into the bottle of cade oil. Insert a similar type of bottle in the same way for storage.

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Step 6: After taking out these bottles after 2 hours, place them in a refrigerator for 4 hours at least; hence you can use this every week for several weeks but not more than 3 months or even 12 months from the manufacture date. In case it is left unused for too long, it may give a foul smell once opened again.


1) Is cade oil safe to use at higher temperatures?

Yes, it is safe as long as you heat at a low to medium rate. It is better to heat the cade oil in a lower-temperature place so that it can last longer.

2) Does cade oil contain alcohol?

No, it does not contain any alcohol; however, a few cases of toxicity have been reported. If you are using products with washed cade leaves or berries, do not use this on your skin. As always, keep in mind that if there are no side effects, there is no problem with the product itself.

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