The Benefits Of Using Cinnamon Oil Toothpicks


The taste of cinnamon is a thoroughly enjoyable one and many foods can be enhanced by the addition of this spice. But if you’re looking for a way to enjoy the benefits of cinnamon on your teeth, we have the perfect solution right here. The essential oils will help in fighting various diseases such as HIV, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, and so on. These oils contain powerful antioxidants that will do wonders for your immune system. Cinnamon oil is the oil extracted from cinnamon, and since it's very concentrated it can help you to get rid of gum disease, acne, and other problems. It also helps in whitening your teeth so that they are healthy and beautiful. Finally, cinnamon oil toothpicks make sure that your breath is fresh as well. The history of oral hygiene products dates back to a time when soldiers used to sharpen their teeth in preparation for war.

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Today, toothpicks are made from a variety of materials including wood, bamboo, plastic, and even paper. Toothpicks are available in various shapes and sizes depending on the intended use. However, they have only two basic functions - removing food debris from the teeth and stimulating the gums to eliminate any build-up of plaque. Some toothpicks also have a tongue cleaner on one end that scrapes away dead cells while stimulating blood flow to the surface of the tongue thereby contributing to fresh breath.

How To Use Cinnamon Oil For Making Toothpicks?

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

You will need cinnamon sticks, small pieces of cloth or coffee filter papers, and 100% pure essential oil. The cloth can be made from the leftover pieces of a white towel or any other thin piece of cloth that you have at home. Pure cinnamon oil is also important because we want our toothpicks to smell great! This recipe will give you about 30 good-sized toothpicks.

Step 2: Making The Toothpicks

Cut around 5 inches of cinnamon sticks and place them in a glass bowl followed by adding a cup of boiling water into it. Let this mixture steep overnight (8 to 12 hours) so that the essential oils in the cinnamon sticks seep into the water. The next day, drain the water and place the cinnamon sticks into a cheesecloth. Squeeze out as much of the excess liquid as you can, and then pour the remaining liquid into a small glass bottle. This is your cinnamon oil!

Step 3: Make The Picks

Wrap a small piece of cloth or coffee filter paper around the end of the toothpick and soak in some of the cinnamon oil. Let it dry for about an hour before using it on your teeth.

Step 4: Using Your Toothpick

You can use these toothpicks to clean food particles from your teeth whenever you eat at home or even at restaurants. You can also use these to clean food debris accumulated between your teeth, gums, and your tongue. You can use your toothpicks to brush your teeth, too. But first, make sure that the toothpick has completely dried for approximately 30 minutes before using it. If you're using a toothpick to clean food debris from your teeth after eating, you can also use it on an empty stomach and avoid any unnecessary discomfort.

Benefits Of Using Cinnamon Oil For Mouth Care:


1) Reduce Bleeding Gums: People who struggle with bleeding gums can benefit from using a good amount of cinnamon oil on their toothpicks. This way, they can stimulate their gums and reduce the bleeding.

2) Make Your Mouth Smell Great: Cinnamon oil contains powerful components such as terpenes, terpenoids, and phenols that have strong antimicrobial properties. These compounds work wonders at keeping your mouth healthy by killing any harmful microbes that may be lurking in it and causing bad breath.

3) Fight Infections: The antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of cinnamon oil toothpicks make them an ideal solution for treating oral infections such as those caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses. Cinnamon oil contains components that fight against microorganisms such as Staphylococcus aureus, Candida, Streptococcus mutans, and the common cold virus.

4) Treat Bad Breath: Studies have shown that cinnamon oil helps to eliminate bad breath caused by bacteria that gather on your tongue and the particles of food trapped beneath your tongue. The antimicrobial properties of cinnamon oil have been proven to help remove these particles from your mouth and thereby spoil your breath.

5) Whiten Teeth: There are many toothpastes available in the market that claim to whiten teeth but none of them are as effective as using cinnamon oil toothpicks due to their powerful antiseptic and antioxidant components.

6) Prevent Cavities: Cinnamon oil contains powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting plaque build-up. These components can fight against various microbes that are responsible for causing decay in your mouth.

7) Boost Your Immune System: Cinnamon oil toothpicks contain naturally occurring antioxidants that have properties like cinnamaldehyde, oils, vanillin, and others. These compounds help to boost your immune system by fighting viral, fungal, and bacterial agents that may be causing respiratory or other infections.

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8) Relieve Headaches: The compounds in cinnamon oil can relieve headaches by reducing the pain, swelling, and other symptoms of migraines. Cinnamon oil toothpicks can also help to improve your concentration and focus while reducing stress.

9) Repair Damaged Skin: The essential oils present in cinnamon oil help in repairing damaged skin and treating acne as well since they are antibacterial.

10) Improve Blood Circulation: Cinnamon oil contains volatile oils that stimulate blood flow to the gums, tongue, and other parts of your mouth. This way, the arteries in your mouth get better circulation which helps in increasing blood flow there and making sure that it is clean enough for proper organ function.


1) How often can I use the toothpicks?

You can start using cinnamon oil toothpicks immediately after making them and continue using them frequently.

2) Do they work?

You will see a noticeable difference in your oral health if you use cinnamon oil toothpicks regularly. After a week or so, your gums will bleed less and the food debris on your teeth will also reduce noticeably. About 30 minutes to an hour but make sure that they are completely dry before you use them on your teeth.

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